Top Three Favorite Crafts

Hey friends! When I was younger, I absolutely loved crafts. I spent so much time knitting, sewing and crocheting. I also enjoyed attempting to cross stitch and embroider. I loved to make dolls and stuffed animals and bags. They weren’t professional or adultish, but I think I did a fairly good job for my age. I had fun and that is what counts.

Eventually, I lost my interest in most of those things and turned my attention toward writing, photography, art, and baking. But in the past few months, I’ve gotten re-found my interest in crafting. Here are my top three favorite crafts.

Diamond Dotz

I don’t know if everyone would classify all of these things as crafts, but eh, I’m going to do it anyway. XD

My OT therapist introduced me to Diamond Dotz and I loved them! It’s basically a bunch of little shiny “dots” that you stick onto a sticky canvas in specific patterns and colors and eventually it creates a picture.

It is sooo relaxing and fun to work on them while listening to an audiobook or music.

Before you go and google diamond dotz and are appalled by the prices and then think I’m a millionaire with money to waste, lemme tell you about the $5 ones that I found. They’re smaller than the expensive ones and not as great quality, but they’re cheap and just as much fun as the others. You can find them here.

Sugar Glider Toys

Yeah, you probably saw this one coming! Buying sugar glider toys online is really not very good for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend. So many of the toys are really bad quality and they’re outrageously expensive. So I started making my own. I got a ton of cheap stuff from the Dollar Store and I have been able to make lots of fun, interactive toys.

DIY Glider Toys


I was never very good at sewing as a kid. I’m still not. But necessity (or sugar gliders) drove me to try again. I’ve sewn a few things for my babies and I really enjoy it. Granted it takes forever because I’m doing it by hand. But we have a wonderful sewing machine in the garage and I’m hoping to get that out and learn how to use it later this year!

Hand sewing is nice, though, ’cause it gives my hands something to do while I listen to audiobooks or to keep me busy when I am really nervous. It keeps my mind focused and helps it not to wander off. XD I’ve done a bunch of nervous sewing lately as I panic over my upcoming job interviews. πŸ˜†


What are your favorite crafts? Have you ever tried Diamond Dotz?

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