Random Life Update: April 2022

I can’t believe that it is already MAY. Seriously, where is life going?! It is strange. It feels like it creeping by and flying by at the same time.

April was a full month. There was a lot of celebrating, comfort zone stretching, and freezing cold days.

We got SNOW. SNOW, you guys! And not just at the beginning of the month. I couldn’t believe how many freezing days we had. I expected it in Minnesota but never Utah!

There were so many days when already-freezing-me bundled up in blankets and turned on the space heater in my room. XD But spring really is coming in now. The trees are getting green and flowers are out. ❀

I’m just blabbing…sorry. My gliders made so much noise all night long, it was impossible to sleep much. πŸ˜πŸ™„πŸ₯± But hey, at least they are adorable.

For Mama’s birthday, Jehosheba and I had given her a special food night. We would make Jewish food to go along with Fiddler on the Roof. I was nervous about attempting it because even though I love baking, cooking doesn’t seem to like me very much. XD However, Jehosheba and I worked together really well and we made a delicious meal. *nods* It was a really fun night. Who else here loves Fiddler?

At the beginning of the month, we drove to the capital to see the spectacular cherry trees that were planted all around it. They were blooming and it was beautiful. The trees looked like they were wearing lovely, lacey dresses. We went twice and both times it was packed with people. Lots of photographers. And adorable kids!

I was rather humiliated the first visit because I had been walking and sweating all day long and hadn’t bothered to change my dirty clothes. πŸ˜‚

We also visited the capital. It was an incredibly beautiful building. But man, did it echo!! It was so crazy loud. There were tons of kids and people and it was rather overwhelming.

I had hoped that April would be a great month writing-wise. It…wasn’t. At all. I failed miserably in that aspect. I worked on a novel for about two days before quitting. I had an idea for another story and worked on that for a day. Then quit. I had ideas for blog posts. But I never got around to putting them down on paper and they vanished from my brain. I don’t know what happened to my consistency. It had been going so well and then blach. It vanished.

However, Spring100 is going quite well. It seems that in spite of my lack of mental inspiration, my legs can keep moving. XD I can’t believe that we are already over a third of the way through. I’m enjoying it so much. Walking is the best. 😍

Passover came again! I should have done a post about it, but ^^. As I mentioned, my brain couldn’t form coherent sentences.

It was such a special, fun holiday. I love it so much and it was so nostalgic this year! We had our Seder meal. Yoveil did really well. Dovid has an incredibly short attention span, so I was surprised and impressed by how well he did.

For the week of Unleavened Bread, we ate lots of matzo and did a Passover competition based partly off of the show Survivor. That was LOTS of fun!! There were lots of physical games, a challenge to get lice (aka chia seeds) out of hair, and lots of horrible puzzles (Yoveil and I lost terribly on those).

Baruch won. It was hilarious when Mommy announced it.

“I won? WAIT! I WON?! Really? I can’t believe I finally won something!!”

There is a lovely tulip festival in our area. We had planned to go early in the month, but, of course, there was a massive layer of snow on the day we chose. XD So we waited until later when it warmed up a bit more.

It was lovely! We got a tour of the gardens and I was surprised by how many different types of tulips there were. *heart eyes*

Last but not least, I had my doula classes. It was a three-day workshop that I had been looking forward to with a mixture of dread and excitment. I had visions of me making a complete and total fool out of myself. However, those moments were few and far between. XD

I hated the role-playing. We broke into groups and then one of us was the doula and the other was the mom. I was so relieved to get the mom because…uh, it was less talking. XD I STINK at pretending. It was so awkward.

Another humiliating moment was when we were practicing various pressure points for relieving pain. Well, one of them was on the toes and the other on the bottom of the foot. As soon as the teacher started talking about that, my feet betrayed me and started to sweat like crazy. XD I felt so bad for the girl who had to practice on me. I find it gross touching my own feet – it must have been awful for her. XD

All in all, though, it was a really good workshop. I learned a ton about how to be a doula and I am excited to take the next steps toward certification. πŸ™‚

That’s a brief overview of April. More happened, but I’m too tired to write. XD Have a wonderful day, friends!


How was your April? What is the weather like? Plans for May? Some embarrassing stories that happened to you?

5 thoughts on “Random Life Update: April 2022

  1. Nice post! My favorite picture is the one where you have a tree growing out of your head πŸ˜‰ You stood in just the right spot!
    that food looks SO good!!!

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