{Very Small, Very Cheap} Book Haul

Since the beginning of 2022, I’ve been plotting. *chuckles darkly* I’ve really wanted to get some real books (aka not digital ones) and spent much time narrowing down my very long list and then selecting several of the cheapest ones.

Possibly me XD I love to buy things for other people

A couple weeks ago, I swallowed hard, gave my money one last parting kiss, and then placed my order. Over the next few days, I watched the “track shipment” button like a hawk and clicked on it about a million times every four hours. It didn’t matter that it was never updated from hour to hour. I just had to be sure.

After an agonizing week of waiting, during which I wished for a time machine, the long-awaited packages arrived. I should have taken a picture, but I was too eager to open them.

Tada! Five books that I will enjoy very much. Let me introduce you to them. *bows slightly*

First off, we have The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

I listened to this book on audio last year while we were moving from Georgia to Utah. It was…incredible. I loved the characters, the story – literally everything. It was so well done and so moving that it earned itself a place as My Favorite Book alongside LOTR.

I wanted to hear the story again but wanted to read it this time. I thought I’d get it on kindle because it was cheap (hehe) but decided to spend a few dollars and get a real paperback. I’m glad I did. Yeah, it’s a little bent and not in the greatest shape, but that allows me to read it when my family is around and not cringe every time someone sneezes within ten feet of it.

Next, we have Life In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson.

A friend of mine recommended this book a year ago and I’ve wanted to read it ever since. However, it was expensive on Kindle, so I gave up hopes of having it. But when I saw that it was really cheap on Thriftbooks, I jumped at the opportunity to get it.

Because of the topic (living life after a suicide attempt that took both of her legs), I’m not sure if I’ll be able to read it all at once, recent events considered. However, I’ll read it as I can and I think it is a really powerful story. 🙂

Coral! Again, I’ve wanted to read this book for a while and decided to get it when I saw *coughs* uh how cheap it was. You’re beginning to see a theme here, eh?

Again, because of some of the things that it covers, I don’t know how quickly I’ll be able to read it, but I’m really interested to hear the story and see how it turns out. 🙂

Second to last, we have *drum roll* Away From Home by Arleta Richardson.

I first read the In Grandma’s Attic Series by Arleta Richardson when I was thirteen-ish, I think. I loved the hilarious stories about two girls who got into so much trouble. I re-read them in 2021 and again this year because, you know, favorite books must be read over and over again. When I realized that there was a whole series of novels about the main characters from the In Grandma’s Attic Series, I was thrilled. However, Kindle didn’t have them and they were extremely – you finish the sentence.

I really really wanted this book and may or may not have begged my brother to buy it for me…with due compensation, of course. *shakes head* I will say this, the little man is an extortionist who took great advantage of me in a moment of starry-book-eyed weakness. Either that or he’s a really great bargainer.  In any case, I now own the book.

And I also own its companion, the second book in the series.

*bows again and waves an arm towards my books* My new friends. I’m very excited to start getting to know them and the stories that their pages hold.


Have you read any of the books above? If so, thoughts? Do you dread spending money like me?? Do you know any cheap places to get books??

14 thoughts on “{Very Small, Very Cheap} Book Haul

  1. I’m slowly saving money for a shipment of books from Thriftbooks, haha. (Okay, maybe not a shipment…) Ooh, I’ve been wanting to read “Life in Spite of Me” for a while. Let me know if you like it, please.

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