A Poem for Thomas

We mourn the loss of a friend to suicide. I don’t have words at the moment, but my friend Kaley has written a beautiful poem on her blog and has given me permission to share it here as well. Please be in prayer for Thomas’s family and for all of those who miss him. 💔

A Poem For Thomas by Kaley

I don’t understand a lot of things

But this is one of the worst

I don’t often see what’s happening

But this really really hurts

I pretend to be fine because

I know you are not.

I knew that’s how he was

But I didn’t know he’s gone

I found out today what love is

In a distant friendship

Love cared and cares and misses

Even looses its own grip

Sometimes you lose to gain

To change everything

Sometimes you need pain

To learn how to sing

I don’t feel like singing yet

But I know I will soon

The sweetest music is set

To the words of night’s moon

I am not ok and

Neither is anyone

An hourglass of sand

Life is falling, not fun

But maybe if I learn

That God has a plan

I’ll be able to turn

And grab another’s hand

“He holds you tight” I’ll say

“Even if you don’t believe;

Even in the darkest day,

I know He’ll never leave.”

15 thoughts on “A Poem for Thomas

  1. Definitely will be in my thoughts and prayers. It’s one of the hardest things in life, to lose a friend in such a way, and at a young age. Beautiful poem…

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