Favorites of 2021: Blog Colab With Kaley

Hello! Today my amazing friend Kaley and I will be doing a blog collab. We both asked questions about our favorites of 2021 and then answered them. (Obviously….) We split the questions in half, so to see the rest of the questions, check out Kaley’s blog.


  • Favorite Food of 2021

H: Why do I ask such hard questions? (I’m not a very decisive person, as you will notice). We had so many amazing foods, I don’t think I can pick just one. My favorite group (??) would have been the Lord of the Ring themed food nights that we gave Daddy for his birthday. They were so fun and the food was delicious and new. 

K: Oof…. I would say that I obsessed over Chick-fil-a in general this year, so I’ll settle with that, although I ate a TON of fruit strips too. 

  • Favorite Book of 2021

H: I’d say Count of Monte Cristo. I read a lot of amazing books, but they paled in comparison. 🙂

K: Probably The Girl Who Could See, Dust, Shadow, Okay For Now, Orbiting Jupiter, Sweep… *keeps ranting for an hour* My taste changed this year, and I would say I tried more teen books. Which means like all my current favorite books were read this year. XD

  • Favorite Piece of (your) Writing of 2021

H: Um. There were a couple short stories that I posted on my blog that I was pleased with. I was also pleased with my NaNoWriMo novel. Now that I have a little distance from it, it’s not as flawed and awful as I first thought it was. XD

K: Ooh. I love several chunks of my NaNoWriMo novel, especially every scene with my character Noah. *heart eyes* He rocks. XD (How come I have a crush on my own character? It’s an issue. XD)

  • Favorite Movie of 2021

K: Quite possibly Encanto. That one was amazing. But I also watched Blindside, and that was really good too. (Although there is mild bad language and some mentions of things, just putting that out there…. 😦 )

H: Oo that’s really really hard. I watched a lot of great movies in 2021. Probably Lord of the Rings. XD We watched that one at the beginning of the year. It was so beautiful and so heart breaking. *dabs eyes* Although it was very intense, so I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children.

  • Favorite Place You Visited (Around your area or not)

H: I’d have to say Utah. We came here for a visit in August before we moved here, and it was absolutely gorgeous. We got to see the mountains for the first time and *melts*. It was so amazing. 

K: Again, Lake Eufala. It was PERFECT. Although I loved going to our annual Rock Springs retreat/camp thing at the end of October. It’s so pretty there, with all the leaves orange and the cabins… *sighs*

Thank you, Kaley! Again, everyone, be sure to check out her amazing blog and give her a follow!


What were your favorites from 2021?

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