The Bookworm Tag

Hey everyone! Rosy nominated me for this tag a few weeks ago and I’m so excited to get into it. I love books. Reading has been one of my favorite pass times for years.

Thank you, Rosy! Be sure to check out her blog everyone! She’s an amazing blogger and sweet friend. ❤

Rosy’s Questions

  • If you could only have 3 books (other than the Bible), which would you choose?

Lord of the Rings, Count of Monte Cristo, and Ben Hur. And a bunch of autobiographies. 😂 THREE IS TOO LITTLE! I NEED MORE!

  • What popular books do you think are overrated?

No offense to those who like Pride and Prejudice, but I found it really boring, flaky, and shallow. Maybe I would have had a different impression if I hadn’t read it right in the heels of Uncle Tom’s Cabin…I’m just not a fan of pointless romance. Although I really enjoyed William Collins. 😂 Especially his hilarious proposal.

  • Hardcover, softcover or e-book?

There is much to be said for all of them, lol. I like e-books because I can have hundreds on my kindle and can take them everywhere.

But there is something magical and inspiring about holding a real book and snuggling up with it. It also seems to make the pages go by so much faster. 🙂

  • What’s your favorite genre?

Primarily fantasy, but I ran out of good series. 😂 Nothing can compare to Lord of the Rings. I also really like autobiographies and “old books “. 😉

  • What’s your least favorite genre?

Romance. Yuck, yuck, yuck. 🤢 No thank you.

  • Who are your favorite authors?

No! There are too many! J.R.R Tolkien. C.S Lewis. Homer. Andrew Peterson. G.A. Henty (some of the time). Annie Downs. Nadine Barnes. Kara Swanson.

  • How many book do you read on average each month?

It varies but I’d say 10 – 15 depending on the length of the books and how interesting they are. XD

  • What books are you currently reading?

The Secret of the Swamp King by Johnathan Rogers, Second Book of Maccabee, and I just finished Brucko by Bruce Olson and Eliminate Your Pet’s Allergies by Devi Nambudripad.

  • If your life was a book, what would it be called?

A Tale Of Moves and Boredom. 😂 I dunno. I feel like I haven’t done that much with my life besides moving and traveling a lot.

  • What’s the longest book you’ve read?

Les Miserables (1,462 pages) followed closely by the beautiful, heartbreaking Count of Monte Cristo (1,276 pages). If you add up the whole LOTR trilogy it equals 1,241 pages. But other than that, I usually stick to shorter books.

My Questions

  • In your opinion, what is the best book of all time?
  • What is the oldest book that you’ve read?
  • What is the newest book that you’ve read?
  • Do you have a book list for 2022?
  • What was your best read of 2021?
  • What is a children’s book that you still enjoy today?
  • What is one book that you’d never read again and why?
  • What charcter from what book do you relate most to and why?
  • What is the longest book you’ve read?
  • What is one book that made you cry?
  • What is one book that made you laugh hysterically?

My Nominees










And anybody else who wishes to join!


6 thoughts on “The Bookworm Tag

  1. Yay! I’m tagged! I have one question though. For questions 2 and 3, do you mean a book that was written a long time ago/ recently, or a book that I have owned for a long time/short time? Thanks!

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