Hidden Treasures

One of the big things that I do each move is to downsize and get rid of a lot of needless junk. I am an extremely sentimental person. I still have a coffee stirrer that I got when I was like seven or eight and we were moving. Don’t ask why I kept it. ’cause I don’t remember

This week I was sorting through the stuff in my closet and drawers and came across a bunch of fun, sentimental things that I had (almost) forgotten I had. (And some stuff that I didn’t) XD I thought it would be fun to do a post sharing them and the stories behind them.

The Frederick Series

For years, my sister and I made up stories about The Frederick Family. They were a family that was frighteningly similar to ours. We would tell stories of all of their adventures and the trouble that Nathan and Mary, the two main children, caused.

When I was eleven, I started to write them down. For a couple years, I wrote and wrote and wrote. When I was thirteen, I got all of the stories printed in book form. I was so thrilled to be able to hold a hard copy of it. I remember being so proud the day that it came in the mail. 🙂

That hardcover copy is about 500 pages. I continued to write on it and now it is over 750 pages and 222,000+ words. 🙂

When I was younger, I printed off everything that I wrote and kept it in binders. This was one random story that I wrote. XD I had forgotten how much (and what random things) I wrote. I miss the days when I could write without the nagging editor in my mind telling me that everything is terrible. XD

When we lived in KC, I went through an embroidery stage. I wasn’t great at it, but I had a ton of fun. This was a project that I never quite finished. It was supposed to be the Konza prairies in Kansas that we visited a few times. (They were absolutely beautiful, you guys. If you ever have a chance, you have to see them.)

When we lived in Minnesota, Mama and Jehosheba contacted all of my pen pals and they all sent words of encouragement as a surprise for me. It was so touching. ❤ I put all of the notes into a book so that I could keep them and look over them again and again.

This was also from MN. My therapist printed this picture off on our last visit to remind me that no matter how dark life, light will come. Light was there, and I would see it again one day. ❤

Each move I sort through my clothes and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit or I don’t wear anymore. XD (By get rid of, I give it to Mama and Jehosheba, lol). The pile on the left is the one that I said farewell to. I had forgotten how many shirts and skirts I had. My closet was a mess. *looks around guiltily* Somehow a ton of my clothes had fallen down in the corner and had thus been lost to me for a whole year. 😂

These are all of my journals.

Yep. I have a lot.

Over seventy journals. *nods*

I’ve journaled ever since I could write. My first journals have random doodles and notes and are adorable. I started seriously journaling in September when I was eleven. I started writing every single day in my journal in December 2015. I wrote so much in the first couple years. I’d go through a notebook in two weeks. I don’t write that much anymore, but I still write a page or two a day. 🙂 Honestly, it’s become a habit with me and I can’t imagine going through a day without writing a few random things about how my day went or fun things that I did. 🙂


Do you have sentimental stuff? What are some of the special things that you’ve kept through the years? Do you journal?

20 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Aww, how fun! I attach a lot of sentimental value to things, too. I can never get rid of anything. XD The Frederick Family sounds so fun. Sounds like you’ll have to bind a volume two with all the new stuff! I wish I had done something like that with the stories my dad used to tell us.
    Good gracious. I think you have more notebooks than me. And wow, you should make a post on being a consistent journaler. (Is that a word? Autocorrect says it isn’t, but what other word is there???) I keep trying to keep a consistent journal, and always fail. XD

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    1. Oh, and as for the special things I’ve kept… (everything *cough cough*) my dolls, especially my very first doll, Abby, and my first American Girl, Bindi, all my stuffed animals (I regret giving away the two or three that I did *sniff*), and a copy of Little Women signed by the casts of both productions of it that I participated in. There’s a lot more, but those are some of my more special things. Now I almost want to do a post like this myself… maybe I will!

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      1. Ooooh cool! Stuffed animals and dolls are so fun. I still have my first American Girl Doll – it was one of the minis but I had wanted it for sooo long.
        Oooh and your copy of Little Women is so cool!
        You totally should do a post like this! I’d love to see it!
        BTW, I like your new profile picture!

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    2. Ahhh I’m glad to have found someone else who has trouble getting rid of stuff!! It’s so sad, isn’t it? When you have to throw stuff away??
      Aw, that would be so cool!
      It took me a while to be consistent in journaling. Now that I’ve been doing it for so long, I almost do it without thinking, lol!

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      1. Yes! It’s too sad! I like to give things away, but I hate actually getting rid of them.
        I guess it’s a habit you have to build. *sigh* I’m terrible at building habits. XD
        I’ve never gotten a mini AG doll, but I remember wanting one! When it came down between doll food or a mini, though, I always picked the doll food. I don’t know why. *shrugs*
        Thank you! I was playing around with the photo booth app and ended up actually liking that one. And since it didn’t show my full face I thought “why not use it as a profile picture”? XD

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  2. Wow! A ton of stuff! Yeah, I have to admit, I’ve kept a bunch of stuff myself (mostly junk), probably because of sentimental reasons, but I can’t remember what it all is, bc I haven’t looked at it in a while 😂
    Yes, I do journal, and it is very interesting to read over my older entries. However, I’m not very disciplined at keeping it current XD
    Hattush, you know, your story really reminds me of this game my brother and I have been doing for years (yes, even though I’m 19 and he’s 16, now) 😅 We call it “The Pet Game”. It’s morphed over time, but now we have it at a really good spot. We pretend that we each have a cat, they both eventually got married (not to each other), and they each had ten kittens. Now the kittens are getting older, and, in written form, we have the stories of them meeting their spouses and getting married. We do “audio”, where we just make up stories impromptu, and we have “written”. (My youngest brother also participates sometimes, but his characters aren’t as developed.)
    Two of the main characters are Petey (my kitten) and Arney (my brother’s kitten)–well, we mainly do Arney, of the two, in audio. But they are the mischievous ones in their families, and, yes they’re both friends. They get into lots of trouble; and they try to be cool by having all these “fads” that they go thru, like rompers, “spinny” hats, bowties, and other things.
    Another main character is my brother’s cat (the original one he had), named Jay. He’s now a father of ten kittens and a co-CEO with my “cat in-law” (Charlie) of two big-name companies, where they make and sell inventions and cars. Jay is now trying to act like my brother’s boss, and he is not a “cute-and cuddly” anything anymore 😂
    Anyway, I had set aside writing about them a while back, but you inspired me to pick it back up and do more. My brother and I are now going thru our stories and descriptions of our cats and making them current. (We even have personalized photos of each one.) It’s so fun!
    I’m thinking that once we’re at least done getting the descriptions updated, I can send them over to you, cause I think you’ll enjoy them! Then eventually (it’ll take a while though), once we’re done writing the stories, I can send those to you as well. Those also help you see more of what each character is like.
    Well, I’d better finish my ranting and close this comment out (I’ve been sitting for a looong time, and this is the last post I had to catch up on 😌–I think 😬)
    Farewell for now! 😛

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    1. Isn’t it? 😂
      Yes, old journals are so fun to reread!
      The Pet Game sounds SO FUN! I think it’s really cool that you and your brother have done it together for so long! What fun! I loved hearing about ot!
      Ooh I would love it if you would send me the descriptions and stories once you get them written! 😍

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      1. 😂
        Yes! The game is fun! Even though it has at lot of “not-quite-true-to-life” aspects, it’s pretty close…actually not quite 😆
        I will! 😉

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