An Unexpected Blessing (and lots of adorable baby pictures)

*shrieks with excitement* Happy stuff is happening over here with my gliders! Be sure to check out this post – it has a ton of adorable baby pictures!

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I sit down at my computer to write a post on something that I didn’t think I’d get another chance to write on.

Dreamer has joeys!

I got Inky neutered in May. I made the hard decision that having joeys was putting a strain on Dreamer’s health and that I had to stop. It was a tough decision because I absolutely loved raising joeys and watching the miracle of life unfold right before my eyes. So imagine my surprise when I noticed two little bumps in Dreamer’s pouch that rapidly grew.

Let me be clear on one thing: Ink’s neuter was not unsuccessful. A common myth is that neuters are unsuccessful and because of that the female got pregnant. Females can hold joeys in stasis for up to a year. Dreamer got pregnant right before I had Ink neutered, not afterward.

I watched anxiously as the babies grew larger and…

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7 thoughts on “An Unexpected Blessing (and lots of adorable baby pictures)

  1. They are adorable, Hattush!! 😃😃 Congratulations!! That’s so exciting!! 🎉🎉(I’m going to try to catch up on your other posts, so please bear with me here 😉)

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