9 Tips for Surviving Headaches

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had headaches. They got really bad and painful when I was eleven/twelve. Since then, they’ve been a frequent visitor to my little body. (I have one right now, which is what made me think of writing this post, lol.) Here are nine tips that I’ve learned for preventing/pushing through headaches.


I can’t stress how important hydration is when preventing headaches. If I don’t drink enough water or if it’s really hot out, I’ll get a headache simply because of that. Doing something as simple as bringing a water bottle around with you to remind yourself to drink can be immensely helpful. If you don’t like the idea of drinking straight water all the time, try adding lemon or lime juice to give it some flavor or ice to cool it down.

Avoid Trigger Foods

I’ve found that certain foods trigger headaches in me. Some of those foods are sugar, most sugar substitutes (xylotol, eurythritol, etc), nutmeg, caffeine, caffeinated coffee…. (You guys do not want to be around me when I’ve had a sugary caffeinated coffee. People breathing on the other side of the room hurts my head. I’m not exaggerating here). If you know that a food or drink consistently causes you headaches, try to eliminate it from your diet or eat it in moderation (like sugar).

Dark Rooms

Light to a headached head is horrible and just makes everything worse. If you can, sit in a dark room for a while and just give your eyes and head a chance to recover. Sunglasses are also helpful if you’re out and about. They help to cut some of the glare.

Eliminate Noise

I live in a house where blocking out noise completely is as easy as flying to the moon and back in an hour. I hear siblings crying, siblings laughing, siblings shouting and siblings making noise for the sake of noise. But I also have noise canceling headphones that are lovely. Or I can sit in my room with music (although that doesn’t always help – music hurts sometimes).


When I have a really bad headache, sleeping is the only thing that makes it go away. Take a nap. Go to bed early. See if it helps to alleviate some of the pain.


Maybe this is a strange tip. But I’ve found that if I’m really hungry or haven’t eaten in a while, I’ll get headaches. Headaches can kill your appetite, but try to eat a bit and see if it helps. Don’t eat sugary or caffeinated foods, but something solid.


Another tip that might seem counterproductive. But I’ll get headaches from sitting too long (doing school, writing, etc.) and sometimes getting up and moving can take away a low-grade headache. It doesn’t typically work on bad headaches, though.

Goodbye Screens

Too much computer/phone/tablet time can lead to neck cramps, backaches, headaches, etc. Take a break and go outside and walk for fifteen or twenty minutes. Another tip for screens – keep the brightness as low as you can. I always have it down completely otherwise I get headaches in an amazingly short time.

Pain Meds

I generally avoid taking pain meds. If I took them every time I had a headache, I’d consume way more than is good for my body. If a headache is really bad and you are completely unable to function, there is nothing wrong with taking pain meds to help combat it.


What types of things have you found helpful when combating headaches? 

20 thoughts on “9 Tips for Surviving Headaches

  1. I second all these suggestions! I’ll add on a tip my mother in law told me that has actually helped: heat. I’ve always gotten in a hot shower with the lights off for awhile and it will help take the edge off my headache, so I don’t know why I didn’t think of her suggestion before. You take a hot pack (we have bean and corn ones we keep in the freezer and heat for 2 minutes in the microwave) and put it on your head and/or back of the neck. Another really helpful thing has been pepperment oil across your cheeks and forehead. Once you get past the teary-stinging to your eyes (just try to keep them shut and lay down), it’s really been helpful for us. The other is not waiting too long to take meds if it’s the kind of headache that will turn into a migraine. It’s as if I get past a certain point and then nothing will work if I don’t address those kinds early. And food elimination is huge! My family gets tons of headaches – several family members had most of them get 1,000% better once they cut gluten. Same for me. In fact if I’ve been “gluttened” I can sometimes tell from the kind of headache. Oh and my mom and aunt swear by CBD oil, though this has never worked for me.

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  2. I get bad headaches all the time. And I second what you said and what Tina said. Especially Peppermint Oil, it really works. Although I will give the precaution that too much undiluted peppermint oil on the skin will cause a slight rash or hives.
    Thanks for this post, Hattush! It showed me that I’m not alone in my headaches and I learned a few things as well! ❤

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    1. I’m gonna have to try pepermint oil. Yeees, I’ve accidently got undiluted pepermint oil on my skin before and learned my lesson!
      Aw, of course! You are definitely not alone in your headaches. ❤ Thanks for your comment!

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  3. Thanks for these tips! I just discovered that heat helps. I use a heating pad over my eyes and forehead. I discovered this helped after my eye doc suggested it for “dry eye.” She suggested 10-15 minutes, and also said there is something on Amazon, but expensive, but she said heating pad works.

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  4. My sweet Hattush, I’m so sorry you deal with headaches. I can relate. I have had headaches every since I was a teenager and they have gotten worse the older I get. All of you tips rock! So good.

    One other thing I do is put ice in a bag and lay or hold it on my head. Sometimes, I’ll fall asleep like that. I think the pain is just too much and I kinda pass out. I’ll wake up and the ice is melted. I’m not sure if putting ice on your head for hours is safe, but it is one of the only things that help me. Ice, darkness and ibuprofen. That’s how I get through it. 😁

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