Ilona & Yiska

Hey guys! Exciting news!

Sugar Glider Info

Well, it happened! I am now the official owner/servant to two more gliders! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, a young lady had decided to rehome her two gliders. I got in touch with her and we decided that I’d take them.

So a week ago, I found myself in a crowded minivan with my family on a road trip! Long story short, after a lot of driving and sightseeing, I picked up my new babies. They are beautiful, you guys. We brought them home and got their big cage set up. They are both super sweet (though shy) and I’m excited to bond with them and to watch them learn to trust me.

Let me introduce you to the babies…


Yiska is a neutered White Face Blonde male. He’s a couple months under a year. He is very shy of human interaction. He’s laid back and…

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7 thoughts on “Ilona & Yiska

  1. HATTUSH! *runs around in circles* That’s sooo exciting! I’m so happy for you! You’ll do great with all those little babies! 💕 Congrats! And those names are PERFECT!

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