Mystery Blogger Award + Random Memes

Hello friends. I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. Life has been really busy and I have been running low on energy. Busy with school, Spring100, writing goals, my two new sugar gliders and upcoming appointments. So. That’s my excuse. XD

Spring has really come here. It’s lovely. The flowers are blooming and everything is sooo green! I forgot how beautiful a season spring really is. It’s nice and warm here, too, which is really nice.


Yeah. I’m rambling and not talking about anything. XD Sorry. This is what happens inside of my brain, and I just usually don’t write it out for the world to see.

25 Exhausted Memes You'll Find Way Too Funny |
13 Accurate Memes About Being Tired That We Can All Relate To
Pin by Christian Barrier on cute | Funny pictures, Funny animal memes, Funny

Memes make me happy. XD

Okay! Now that I have gained strength from the cuteness of the animals up there, I will proceed to do what I sat down here to do: The Mystery Blogger Award. Kaelyn nominated me for this! She’s super sweet and she has an awesome blog! Thanks, girl!

9k= (512Γ—439)

The Rules:

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • MentionΒ Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post.

Three Things About Myself

  • I run barefooted on the treadmill
  • I’m the last one to go to bed in my family
  • A whole wall in my room is filled with cages. Looky:

Kaelyn’s Questions

  1. Would you ever want to go into outer space or deep under the sea?

NO NO NO. Never. Ever. I’m perfectly happy staying on planet earth, above water. I like knowing that I can breathe oxygen without assistance.

  1. Favorite streaming platform for watching movies/TV?

Um. We mainly watch movies on Amazon and DisneyPlus.

  1. Favorite YouTube channel(s)?

Ooooh don’t ask me. I have a lot. XD They all have to do with sugar gliders, though, so I doubt most of you will care. LOL

Sugar Glider Diaries – My number one favorite!

Awesome Sugar Glider Mommy

Alex In Wonderland

  1. Is chocolate your favorite desert?

Ooh, that’s another really hard question. I love chocolate, but I wouldn’t say that it’s my number one favorite dessert. Recently, I realized that I am totally obsessed with mousse – especially the lemon kind.

  1. Would you rather be extremely hot or extremely cold?

Oh, extremely hot. I hate being cold. I don’t love being sticky and sweltering, but it’s better than freezing.

My Questions

  • What is your biggest dream in life?
  • Do you like lemonade?
  • What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  • Favorite flower?
  • Do you believe that people can truly have best friends?

My Nominees

If you’re reading this, you’re nominated. Have fun, be weird and enjoy spring. πŸ˜‰


15 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award + Random Memes

  1. The napping doggie in the bed 😍😍😍
    Life’s been so on-the-go recently!! If I can really get a handle on my goals and accept when the hours zoom by, maybe I’ll feel better haha…
    Barefoot on the treadmill?? I’ll have to try that 🀣
    Yay I’m nominated! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
    Great post Hattush!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hattush! This was a funny, great post. Those memes!! XD
    I decided to do the unusual and answer the questions at the end…I don’t have a blog, so I’ll do it here…😁
    (Q: What is your biggest dream in life?) A: My biggest dream in life is to go where nobody else wants to go and share the gospel with and minister to the destitute and hurting people. I seriously would rather do that (as long as I’m in the center of God’s will) than anything else in the world. I want to make a difference for Christ.
    (Q: Do you like lemonade?) My answer to that would be yes. But we don’t drink it these days soo…
    (Q: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?) A: *cries* We don’t eat ice cream anymore! 😭
    (Q: Favorite flower?) A: I wouldn’t be able to tell you. XD I have an extremely hard time trying to pick a favorite of anything. But I like colorful flowers and those that smell nice. : )
    (Q: Do you believe that people can truly have best friends?) A: Actually I do. 😊 But sometimes it may only be for a season, and then they part ways…I’ve had that happen.
    Well, those are my answers! I hope you enjoyed! : D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL I KNOW.
      Yay! I loved your answers! It was so fun to read them. πŸ™‚ Your dream for your life is really cool.
      How tragic not to eat ice cream anymore!! 😦
      Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😱 I didn’t even realize I had left this comment in my inbox all along! πŸ˜– My inbox is piled high, and somehow this got buried, and I thought it was a blog post. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
        I’m glad you enjoyed them. 😊
        Yes! I know! But I’ve gotten over it, and it’s best anyway, bc then I’d probably want to eat it every day…and that wouldn’t be good. 😬
        You’re welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

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