The Girl Who Didn’t Believe In Heroes

There once was a girl who didn’t believe in heroes. While she mocked others for having them, she secretly longed for one. But she knew that no one could ever be her hero…no one cared enough to notice her. She was determined to be self-sufficient. She needed no one.

Then the Great Darkness came and her world was shattered. While she was trying in vain to gather the pieces of her broken heart, a woman with a joyous laugh and a warm hug stood by her side. The woman, Star, quietly helped the girl find the lost pieces of her heart.

The girl who needed no one clung to the woman with the sparking black eyes. Star was always there to comfort and encourage the girl while the Storms of Life raged against her.

Star sent words of hope and inspiration in delicate script and the girl cut them out and glued them to her wall. Whenever life was too hard, whenever she wanted to scream, whenever she wanted to die, the girl would raise her tear-filled eyes to the wall and soak in the words of strength and wisdom.

The girl still held bitterness against heroes. They could not be depended on. Ha, they weren’t even real. They were just a part of fairy tales and fantasy worlds. The real world was all darkness, no light. Heroes? They were just invented by wishful thinkers who hoped to forget the misery of reality.

Star became one of the girl’s best and only friends. Star carried her when she was too weak to go on. She gave the girl hope and made her see that life was worth living. She showed her the way through the Great Darkness.

One day, the girl found Light. The darkness was finally behind her. She looked back and emotion caught in her throat. Star had been with her each step of the way. Star was the reason that the girl wasn’t still lost in the blackness.

She raised her head and stared in disbelief at the wall of encouragement. The girl who didn’t believe in heroes had found her heroine.


The same day, the crushing news arrived. Star’s tired, old body had finally given out. The smiling woman with the big heart had found rest at last from the constant aches and trials that had followed her in life.

Star was Home. The girl was alone. As soon as she had found her hero, that hero had taken wings and flown away into the sunset; to a place where she couldn’t follow.

The girl wept bitterly. She longed for one moment more with Star to say goodbye…and to tell the kind woman that she had been her biggest, best and only hero. But the girl’s words echoed back to her. The only thing she heard was the sound of her own sobs.

Now the girl stands beside her wall and looks out of the window and towards the sky. Today the girl misses her hero.


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