New Gliders!! {Names Needed}

Exciting news, guys!

Sugar Glider Info

Hello everyone! I have exciting news!!!

*decides to forego long pauses for suspense*

I. Am. Getting. Two. New. Gliders.

YES! You heard that right! I’m getting two new sugar gliders! Back in February, a sweet lady decided to rehome her gliders. After a lot of consideration, I decided that I would get them. I’ll be picking them up on April 16th! Not too far from now!

I am so thrilled, guys. These gliders are adorable! It’s a little neutered boy and a little girl! The boy is a Standard Grey and the girl is a Luesistic (like Ink). They’re both pretty young – under a year.

I need help with names, guys! I like my names to be really meaningful and to have a story behind them (which is why it takes me forever to come up with good names). I narrowed it down to eight names between them both…

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