Random Life Update: February

Uuuh, so yeah, this is a little late. But I completely forgot about writing this post, so it was very last minute, lol.


(Random picture of peppers)

February was a really busy month, which is funny because February’s are normally really boring. We had So. Many. Appointments. It was crazy. I had OT every Friday (done now!), Baruch had speech therapy twice a week, Dovid had appointments with neurology and an EEG, Jehosheba and Yoveil just started speech therapy, etc. Mama was also working with Nahum and Baruch on a dyslexia program. Plus Dreamer was sick, so there were vet appointments, too. *is exhausted* So I was babysitting a lot! But the kids (normally) behave pretty well, so it wasn’t torment. XD

Other random things that happened this month included…driving a round trip of four hours to get half of a cow, our LOTR meals, and Purim. πŸ™‚ AND I GOT A TREADMILL!!! I love it so much and I am sooo happy to have it!!!


Ah, my lovely music. I listened to the Burn the Ships album by For King & Country a TON. I also listened to Nichole Nordeman’s Every Mile Mattered. ❀ And The Greatest Showman soundtrack a lot, too. πŸ™‚


Alas, I was not able to read as much as I wanted. *pretends to swoon* I finished October Baby and am still working on Les Miserables, but that’s about it (besides stuff for school, of course). 😦


Wrote a couple short stories and continued to work on world building for my main novel (which I had hoped to be finished with by now. πŸ™„) I also wrote a grand total of 18 blog posts (between all three of my blogs, lol).


Both Yoveil and Dovid were ADORABLE during this month! Dovid is getting to be such a big boy! He copies everything that Yoveil does. SO CUTE. You guys ready for your monthly dose of cuteness??

I was sitting in my room, trying to catch up on writing when Yoveil comes in. (Somehow she has this magic sense that draws her to me every time I’m trying to get work done.)

Yoveil, with a sad sigh: Hada, I think you like Jehosheba more than me.

Me: Why?

Yoveil: Because I always come in to ask you questions and you’re busy. Bubba (Jehosheba) doesn’t do that.

Me: Well…questions are good. You can learn a lot by asking them.

Yoveil, excited now: I just – I just have to get my questions out!!!

Another time when I was also trying to write…

Yoveil: Hada, can I stay in here?

Me: If you don’t talk and distract me.

Yoveil: Okay, I won’t. I promise.

Thirty seconds later…

Yoveil: Hada, I just –

Me: Baby…remember what you said?

Yoveil: Oh. Yeah.

Me: *sighs* How ’bout you hop out of my room for now and then come back after I’m done and we’ll have some talking time.

Yoveil, excited: And I can talk all I want??

Me: Yep. You can talk all of your words.

Yoveil: I’ll never run out of words!! I always have more words!


What did you do in February? What did you read? What albums did you listen to? Are your siblings as cute as mine?? πŸ˜‰

23 thoughts on “Random Life Update: February

  1. Ahhhh, Burn the Ships is SOOO good!! *enthusiasm control is broken* πŸ˜‚ Cool month! Mine was pretty good – some good experiences, and I did a lot of school *sighs a long sigh …*

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  2. I LOVE The Greatest Showman soundtrack!! πŸ˜€ Sounds like you had a good mouth. πŸ™‚ I LOVE The Greatest Showman soundtrack, BTW.
    I had a good February!! I have not read OR written much…IDK what happened LOL.

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  3. 😱 I just realized, when I was about to comment, that I hadn’t even read this post, yet! I can’t believe myself!
    This was a great post!
    Yoveil β€¦πŸ˜β€¦That’s adorable! I can’t say my siblings are cuter than yours πŸ˜‰ because all of them are either in their twenties, teens, or pre-teens. But my youngest brother still has some childlike cuteness left to him, and I have had some doses of cuteness from him when he was younger. πŸ™‚
    The books I read in February were called “In Search of the Source” (or something like that)–and I wouldn’t rate it as being very interesting, but it’s a bit interesting in its own way– and “Awaiting the Dawn” which I read in one day. That one was interesting! And now I’m working on reading a book Rosy recommended called “Hostage”–really good!
    In February, I got my long awaited learner’s permit…oh, wait, no…I was GOING to get it on February 17th, but the DMV conveniently closed down that week. So I had to wait, and God opened a way for me to get it on March 3rd. Now I’ve practiced driving a grand total of one time…in a parking lot! πŸ˜„ My mom has been pretty busy, so…
    But one thing that was kind of funny, was that one of my sisters had gone to the DMV the week before. When I went in a week later, the man who had let my sister in was there again. I had a feeling he would think I was my sister. Sure enough, when I was sitting in the lobby, he walked past and said, “Oh, I remember you!” I chuckled and was about to tell him that he had seen my sister, but he walked out of the lobby, before I could.

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    1. Ah, don’t worry about it!
      Hehe, yeah, young kids are soo cute! It’s sad when they grow up. I mean, very good, but also sad to see the childness go away. I’m glad your youngest brother still has a bit of that in him. πŸ™‚
      Cool! I haven’t read any of those books yet! I’ll have to check them out!
      Oooh congrats on getting your learner’s permit!! That’s SO exciting!
      Haha! That’s so funny that the guy mistook you for your sister!

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      1. Yes, I know!
        You should! Another one I’m working on is called “Prisoners of Hope”. It’s interesting!
        Thanks! Yes! I’ve now graduated to driving in a small community nearby.
        Yeah! XD I don’t know how some people can think that my sister and I are twins! (Not that that man did.)

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        1. Neat! I think I’ve heard of “Prisoners of Hope”. It sounds really neat.
          Yay!! That’s great!
          My sister and I used to get mistaken for twins (when we were younger) even though she’s like three years younger than me. My brothers used to get mistaken for twins, too, and they don’t look anything like each other!

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