Assumptions About Me

Hey guys! I was super excited to see all the assumptions that you guys gave! I’m really excited to answer those now! 🙂 Thank you to everyone!

(The assumptions are in bold, my comments are in plain text.)

The Perilous Pen

You would never consider dying your hair.
Very true. I used to want to dye my hair black, but not anymore. I’m just afraid it wouldn’t turn out and I’d look weird.

You have stage fright/don’t like being in from of large groups of people
Um, so I have never actually been on a stage or in front of a large number of people. Unless you count this one lady’s-church-meeting-game-thing. I had to play one of the games in the front of the room. I really hated that. There weren’t even that many people.

So yes. Just the thought of being on stage is…like worse than never having dessert again. (And you know how much I love dessert!)

Rebekah Z.

You can’t stand romance novels.
YEEES. YES. YES. YES, you are correct!

You prefer the country to the city.
Again, you’re right. I am NOT a city person. There’s just too many people.

You like trying new foods even if they sound weird.
Yep! Unless it’s seafood related. But otherwise, I’m up for trying just about anything!

Lydia L.

You’re not a fan of country music.
Not a fan at all. Sorry to all of you who love it.

You might consider plastic surgery.
*looks around guiltily* If someone could fix my nose and my chin and the general weirdness of my face, that’d be awesome. But I don’t have the money to do that. And if I did, I think I’d spend it one something else. I’d feel guilty about using it on plastic surgery….

You have high standards when it comes to food.
Hmm. I’m not exactly sure. *realizes I’ve never really thought about this* I guess I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t have super high standards on food, ’cause I’ll eat whatever is set before me. But I am VERY particular about fast food and really am not a fan of McDonalds.

You’re not one to judge others.
This is my goal in life. I want to be a nonjudgmental person. I want to listen and be compassionate and not judge people “until I’ve walked in their shoes”.

You don’t really have a preference between mountains and beaches.
I PREFER MOUNTAINS!! Beaches are really great and so pretty, but I’d rather be around mountains.

You don’t like taking pictures of yourself.


You prefer caramel over hard candies.
Yep! I used to hate caramel, but I like it more than hard candies now. (I mean, it’s so good!)

Your favorite holiday is *not* Christmas.
At the moment, this is right. I go back and forth between favorite holidays, lol. But right now, my favorite holiday is Hanukah!!

You enjoy making fun of yourself.
LOL YEES. I do! It’s really fun!


You are a big fan of chocolate.
Oh yes, one of the biggest! Chocolate is awesome!

You don’t care what other people think of you very much.
Unfortunately, I DO care what people think about me waaay too much. 😦 It’s something I should work on…

You are a deep thinker.
YEEES. I’ve always been. I doubt there were many other kids my age who were as….strangely deep as I was. 🙂

You can sometimes be very sarcastic and funny in a dry humor way.
Yep! More so in my writing than in real life.


Maybe that you’re a night owl?
Ask anyone who knows me and they will say agree. I am such a night owl. I have pets that are nocturnal, so that plays into it a bit.


You are deeply spiritual.
I hope to be. There is always room to grow. 🙂

You are a watcher but nonjudgemental.
Yep. I love watching people! And I hope that I am not judgmental!

You think deeply.
Yes, yes, yes!

You research.
*squeals* RESEARCH YES!!!! I LOVE RESEARCH SO MUCH!!!!! I can get lost for hours doing research….There is an endless well of information out there.

You are compassionate and loving and forgiving.
Well…I hope I’m all of these things! You know, I used to think that I was a very forgiving person, but I realized that forgiveness is a lot harder than I thought. *nods* But after reading a bunch of books on it (see, research again) I think I understand what real forgiveness is a lot better.


You don’t like people to talk to you in person but like talking online or in writing.
Yeah, that’s pretty accurate. I mean, I’m really awkward talking to people in person. I much prefer to talk online or in writing.

You’ve been though some hard things in your life.
I think that EVERYONE has been through hard things in life – whether they appear hard or not. *realizes this doesn’t make a lot of sense* Everyone has trials and hardships. While those things may affect someone in a very negative way, they might not make an impact on someone else. *realizes my readers are just getting more confused* So yes, I’ve been through some hard things in life. But I’ve grown because of them and I’ve learned things that wouldn’t have been possible if I had avoided them.

Tori W.

I’ll give my usual (favorite) question: If you knew you could not fail, what is one thing you would like to do?
Hmm. Um. Probably write and publish a book. There are a lot of things I’d like to do though!


You are an introvert in real life but an extrovert online.
Yeah, I’d say that’s correct. I’m a severe introvert in person, but I doubt you’d guess that based on my online life. 😁

Your favorite posts to write are the deep ones.
Yep! I love writing them and hope that I can reach people through them. ❤

You have a hard time getting into good habits.
Unfortunately, yes. Somehow I manage to get into bad habits, though…like chewing on ice. I wouldn’t recommend it, guys, it’s destroying my jaw…

Sometimes you like to listen to music you don’t like for no reason at all.
Very rarely. I’m very particular about the music I like, and don’t normally listen to stuff that I don’t like. 🙂


You share a room.
Not anymore! I used to share a room with my sisters, but when we moved, I got my own bedroom!!

You love reading and art.
I absolutely LOVE reading. It’s wonderful. Art…eh. I enjoy it sometimes but I’m not great at it. XD I love looking at other people’s art, though!

You’ve met at least two blogger friends.
Hmm, you know, I’m not sure if I have. I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I HAVE met some of my blogger friends, but I can’t think who. XD I am living pretty close to several of them, though, which is really cool!

Faith Renee

If you could have a cat, you wouldn’t want to (even if you didn’t have suggies).
Yep. I used to have the best cat ever, but I doubt I’d ever find one like her. I’d rather get a dog (but of course I’m allergic. 😦 )

You want to get married and have children (maybe a lot).
Um…I go back and forth on this one. I do eventually want to get married, but not in the near future. I LOVE kids, but I’d rather have a smaller family (just so I could invest more time in each child).

Your favorite Bible character is Esther.
Ooh I love Esther. Especially since it was just Purim! BUT, my favorite bible character would probably be Job. I know that’ll sound weird to a lot of people but *shrugs*.

You don’t like avocado.
I LOVE AVOCADO! It’s like one of the best vegetables ever!

You’ve been on a vegan diet before.
Hmm, you know, I can’t remember. We’ve been on so many different diets and variations of those diets, it’s so confusing. It’s quite likely that we have been on a vegan diet for some short amount of time.😂


You love to read.
YES. YES YES. Books are the best.

Your favorite character from AIO is Whit.
Nope. He never has been. Especially now with the more recent episodes, I am liking him less and less.

You can’t choose a favorite musical.
Yeah, that’s true. I like a lot of musicals. 🙂

You haven’t read many plays/musicals.
I’ve read a ton of Greek plays. Not any musicals though.

You love watching movies.
Yep, I love movies!!

You are excited to go on adventures, even if you have been to the place before.
FOR SURE! I just have to have time to plan before hand. I DO NOT like spontaneity AT ALL.

Your least favorite physical trait is your skin.
*runs through list of my least favorite physical traits* Nope.

You love animals.
Animals are totally awesome!!!

Your favorite color isn’t blue or green.
Yes, although they are really high up on my favorite-color scale!

Tanatswa Michelle

You have your music in folders to fit any mood.
I used to have something like this, BUT a great tragedy happened (we gave up Amazon Prime and that was where I listened to music…long story) so now I just have a few albums on my MP3 player. 😦

You spend hours on end reading novels.
YES! Totally.

You love experimenting with food.
Again, yes, yes. I love it, but I don’t do it as often as I want to, ’cause my family has to eat whatever I make and I’m always afraid it won’t turn out!

And you never go anywhere without your babies🙈
When I first got my babies, I took them everywhere! I do occasionally now, but I haven’t much ’cause Dreamer’s been sick/she had joeys (Star Rain and Laelynn), so I was just trying to keep them as stable as possible.

Thanks again everyone!


24 thoughts on “Assumptions About Me

  1. First things first, avocados are FRUIT! 🤣 Second, you could meet a blogger friend if you visit! Anna (Annie Grace Photography or from Precious and Redeemed) is local to me! Third, I love Job!! He is up there in favorites for me – I feel like I can relate to him, and I love God’s response with him. ❤️

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