Assumptions About Me: Needed

Hey guys! I’ve wanted to do a post like this for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it. So what are your assumptions about me? Comment them down below! Anything and everything! I will do a post responding to them in a couple days!

Thanks guys! Have fun. 😉


31 thoughts on “Assumptions About Me: Needed

  1. Ha ha! So fun! Here are some:

    – You’re not a fan of country music.
    – You might consider plastic surgery.
    – You have high standards when it comes to food.
    – You’re not one to judge others.
    – You don’t really have a preference between mountains and beaches.
    – You don’t like taking pictures of yourself.

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  2. Ohhh, fun! Can’t wait to see your answers, Hattush!
    Here’s my assumptions:
    You are a big fan of chocolate.
    You don’t care what other people think of you very much.
    You are a deep thinker.
    You can sometimes be very sarcastic and funny in a dry humor way.

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  3. Nana speaking…you are deeply spiritual. You are a watcher but nonjudgemental. You think deeply. You research. You are compassionate and loving and forgiving.

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  4. Ooo yay! Here are some from me!
    You are an introvert in real life but an extrovert online
    Your favorite posts to write are the deep ones
    You have a hard time getting into good habits
    Sometimes you like to listen to music you don’t like for no reason at all
    I have fun with these! I can’t wait for the post!

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  5. Hmmmm… I’ll say:
    If you could have a cat, you wouldn’t want to (even if you didn’t have suggies).
    You want to get married and have children (maybe a lot).
    Your favorite Bible character is Esther.
    You don’t like avocado.
    You’ve been on a vegan diet before.
    I can’t wait to see your answers!☺

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  6. Nice!
    You love to read
    Your favorite character from AIO is Whit
    You can’t choose a favorite musical
    You haven’t read many plays/musicals
    You love watching movies
    You are excited to go on adventures, even if you have been to the place before
    Your least favorite physical trait is your skin
    You love animals
    Your favorite color isn’t blue or green

    Can’t wait to see the answers!

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