Six Years: How Fast Life Can Change

Hey. I was walking through the store a couple days ago, passing Valentine’s Day discount candy and listening to Yoveil chatter about how much she wanted to buy literally everything she saw (even the cat food). XD

And then I had an idea: wouldn’t it be funny to do a blog post about how much I’ve changed in the years? Seriously, I was one very strange, very weird little kid…I think my condition has just worsened over the years. In any case, enjoy. I had a ton of fun writing this. XD

Dessert Tastes: 11YO H vs 17YO Hattush

Eleven: Dessert! Guys, this is my favorite thing to talk about, lol. Back then, I’d eat almost anything besides Mary Jane candies. I also hated anything that had honey or maple syrup in it. Or agave. Or molasses.

Seventeen: I don’t hate molasses as much now. I wouldn’t eat it plain, but it’s okay in things. I also like honey and maple syrup. Still not a fan of agave, but that’s just my personal preference. I also don’t like most cakes (unless they’re super moist or have interesting flavors…basically, if they’re the average vanilla or chocolate cake with buttercream, I’ll pass). I’m also not such a huge lover of hard candies/gummy candies anymore.

Pets: 11 YO H vs 17YO Hattush

Eleven: I had four or five beautiful chickens. *cries ’cause I loved them* They were my darlings and they had been through so many moves with us. They were awesome.

Seventeen: Sugar gliders! I now have two adorable babies. (And yes, I’m going to link to my sugar glider blog here. I’m shamelessly promoting myself. XD)

Fashion: 11 Year Old H vs 17 Year Old Hattush

Who else wears a dress to MOW?! And those shoes…*looks away in horror*

Eleven: When I was younger, I was seriously obsessed with looking my best. Of course that “best” looked nothing like everyone else. While other kids my age were dressed in shorts, jeans and cute t-shirts, I was decked out in multiple necklaces and whatever dress or extravagant shirt/skirt combo that I could find. I would literally never leave the house without “dressing up” first.

Seventeen: I don’t care anymore. XD My fashion style is basically non existent. I dress for comfort only. XD On already mentioned trip to the store, I was in my sweat pants, a lose grey shirt that I hadn’t changed for a couple days and wearing sandals (yes, I realize it is the middle of winter, but I can’t stand socks or boots). I had absolutely no jewelry, no make up and I’d forgotten to put on deodorant (lil more info than you guys wanted?). I hadn’t even brushed my hair (lucky for me, I have hair that requires very little pampering). Of course the store outing was last minute, but still.

Hygiene: 12YO H vs 17YO Hattush

This pic was actually of me when we lived in MN, and I’d forgotten to take a shower for a week…this is what I looked like all the time when I was 12.

Twelve: Ah yes, the good old days. As much as I cared about looking wonderfully stunning for everyone, I hated taking showers. I had mastered the three minute shower. XD I’d take that once a week. *nods* And yeah, by the end of the week, I didn’t smell great.

Seventeen: I have grown in a love for showers and now take them twice a week. *looks at your surprised faces* I know, some people take them every day. But seriously, I just do not have the energy to spend on them. Or the time. I have other stuff that is a greater priority, sooo.

Social Skills: 12YO H vs 17YO Hattush

This pic of me is so accurate…

Twelve: Ah, social skills. The bane of my life. It must be said, that my family has moved around a lot and I am a very introverted person. But back then? I was soo much more. I remember we had just moved to a new area and we found a good church. The people there were so friendly and so nice. They tried to talk to me. And I literally did not say one word to them for MONTHS. MONTHS, PEOPLE. I wouldn’t tell them my name, I wouldn’t answer their questions… What was wrong with me?! I’m really embarrassed by my younger self…

Seventeen: I still hate talking and being around groups of people. I love my online/snail mail social life because I don’t have to come up with good responses on the spot. I also hate the sound of my voice in real life, so advantages of online/mail friends is that they don’t normally have to hear that. *coughs* I’m pleased to announce that I actually respond when people talk to me. I’m still, unfortunately, very shy but I’m getting better at it. And even talking to people without them talking first, which my younger me could consider impossible. Unfortunately, current me doesn’t see it as such an accomplishment.

Energy & Exercise: 12YO H vs 17YO Hattush

Twelve: Ah man, guys. I was recently rereading my old journals and I realized that I’ve suffered from insomnia, bad sleep and general exhaustion even back then. *wails* BUT I had so much more energy back then as well. I’d spend hours with my siblings running around outside, swinging, riding bikes, etc. I’d go on long walks and run barefoot on hiking trails. (<3 ❤ <3)

Seventeen: *coughs* Exercise? What’s that? In my defense, I’m getting a treadmill hopefully this weekend, so… As far as energy levels, they’re basically non existent. XD Normal people have ten stars of energy. I have three. On good days. I wake up: tired. In the afternoon: tired. At night: can’t sleep even though I’m tired. 🙄😂

School: 12 YO H vs 17YO Hattush

Twelve: I was not self motivated for school AT ALL. I hated every minute of it and would do just enough to scrape by. Especially in math.

Seventeen: I work a LOT harder in school now. I’m self motivated. I do school on days that I don’t have to. XD I still don’t like math, but I don’t avoid it either.

Music: 12YO H vs 17YO Hattush

Twelve: I didn’t like music much at all. My favorite artist was Jamie Soles and that’s basically all I listened to. If I had to listen to anything, it had to be upbeat and exciting.

Seventeen: MUSIC IS THE BEST AND I CAN’T IMAGINE GOING WITHOUT IT. The sadder the better. *heart eyes* Gotta love tragic, heartbreaking music.

Writing: 12 YO H vs 17YO Hattush

Twelve: When I was twelve, I was obsessed with three subjects: Native Americans, Medieval knights and fantasy worlds (think Narnia). So, of course, my stories all reflected that. Unfortunately, I had very little realistic info about the first two, and my stories were completely unrealistic and AWFUL. I wrote one about this knight that got put in jail with two thousand other knights (I don’t even remember why, but I’m pretty sure it was a really bad reason). They were all completely miserable because they thought that they would never escape. In the end, they decided to dig a tunnel. So one dark night, 2,000 knights (in full armor OF COURSE) slipped through this tunnel and escaped. *glares at younger self* Nobody got caught. Nobody accidently alerted the large amount of guards. Totally unrealistic!!!

But, I had a certain freedom in writing. I wrote for hours and was happy and not critical of my work. I was actually proud of it and didn’t hate it.

Seventeen: Now? My writing has improved a LOT, I’ve learned a TON, but I’ve lost my freedom. I’m super critical of my work and am not proud of like anything that I’ve written. 😦

Art: 11YO H vs 17YO Hattush

Eleven: I LOVED art. I was totally into pencil sketching. I took a class. I spent a lot of money of “professional” art supplies. I filled sketchbooks and stacks and stacks of paper with drawings. It was my favorite thing to do to relax and I enjoyed it immensly.

Seventeen: I don’t do sketching anymore, lol. I enjoy watercolors occasionally, but that’s about the extent of my art.

Worry: 11 YO H vs 17 YO Hattush

Eleven: I was paranoid. About health basically. My own health, my family’s health, random people’s health… I would get so worked up over meaningless symptoms. I mean, for much of Year 11, Mama was dealing with a lot of serious sickness, so that fueled my paranoia.

Seventeen: Uh. *looks away* I’m still paranoid. But just about different things. (If you guys want to see what I mean, I wrote a hilarious post making fun of myself. You can see that here.)

Self-Perception: 12YO H vs 17YO Hattush

Twelve: I didn’t like myself much when I was eleven, but there was a glorious year between eleven and thirteen, where I wasn’t terribly self conscious. Before I turned 13, I never thought I was weird. I didn’t feel terribly out of place, even though I was. I actually *shakes head at younger self* I actually thought that I was somewhat normal.

Seventeen: Well guys, let’s just say that my eyes have been opened. I realize now how out of place, how weird, how utterly NOT NORMAL I am. 😦 I mean…come on. Nobody else is like me. And I don’t exactly mean that in a good way. 😦 I could go into a whole list of why I’m not normal, but I’ll sum up by saying that I’ve moved a ton, I’m homeschooled and I have a very different view on life than, uh, the rest of humanity.

Dreams: 11 YO H vs 17 YO Hattush

Eleven: I had many dreams. *cue romantic music* I wanted to be a missionary. I wanted to work on Native American Reservations. I wanted to get married and have kids. I wanted to be a farmer who raised chickens and donkeys. I wanted to be knighted. LOL. I wanted to be a hero and change the world.

Seventeen: I don’t dream in the way that I used to. I’m a lot more realistic nowadays. I am hoping to be take doula classes later this year and eventually become a midwife. 🙂 Not sure about anything else. I still have a heart for Native Americans, though. 🙂

Well guys, that was fun. XD I love laughing at my younger self. I find Little H pretty ridiculous and I love sharing that. XD XD

I’ve had too much sugar and caffeine today. And I have a cold. That contributes to the weirdness of this post.


Before I make a bigger fool out of myself.


Do you guys relate to anything that I’ve written here? How much have you changed in six or seven years? What are some things you used to do, but will NEVER do now?

34 thoughts on “Six Years: How Fast Life Can Change

  1. When I was 10, I had this obsession with Barbie dolls and would never get out of a shop without a new one…….I literally a had a corner in my room dedicated to the dolls and always had conversations with them….Now I can’t even stand them…. the obsession moved to teddy bears

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah man, that sounds exactly like me. When I was younger, I had these plastic toys that I LOVED. I spent SO much money on them. Now I see that they’re really bad quality, lol.
      Awwww, teddy bears are ADORABLE!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “My fashion style is basically non existent. I dress for comfort only.” – literally me 😂😂😂
    I used to hate getting in the shower but once my mom convinced me to get in, she’d have to force me to get out haha! I loved it and hated it simultaneously 😅
    This was a really fun post! I think it would be fun to write one like it myself 😍💕 comparing my younger self to now. I’ll give you credit for the idea if I do! 💜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. XD XD YEP. I mean, I just don’t get NOT dressing for comfort. If it’s a special event, yeah. But just normally? I’ll take comfort 100%!
      That’s awesome – love-hate relationship with showers. That’s what I feel like now, I guess. I don’t like the idea of them, until I’m in and then I’m like, “THIS IS GREAT, I DON’T WANT TO GET OUT!”
      I would totally love to see you do a post like this! It’d be so fun!


  3. Omygosh. XD 6 years ago I had just started writing… and most of my books were literally just me starting a notebook and decorating it at just the vaguest ideas. Like a girl who moves a lot, or a witch, or my own American girl book… I created a culture even, and that was awful. XD


  4. Oh, dude, this is a vie. and when you said you realized you had a different outlook on life than others– MOOD.

    Kinda want to do a post like this 🙂

    Dude, midwifery is so cool. I couldn’t do it (I… once fainted when someone literally said “stomach surgery”). You’re so cool.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome! This was so funny to read. I love my comfy clothes! I also love showering! lol. It’s so warm and nice in the winter! i can totally relate to not liking math! I used to absolutely dislike it, but now it’s better.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Such a great post! *looks at the date it was sent and cringes inside* Trust me, I read it like four or five days ago, but I just haven’t gotten around to commenting until now. *nods*
    Anyway, guess what??! You’ll never believe this, BUT *takes a deep breath* every time I’ve mowed the lawn, I’ve worn a skirt!….*clears throat*…well, I always wear a skirt, so I guess that’s not too surprising.  
    Buut, yeah. I’ve definitely matured and changed since I was 11 and 12. I did lots of things back then that I would NEVER do these days…or, at least I HOPE I’d never do them.  
    I used to play around outside a lot, but I hardly ever do that now (not saying that’s one of the things I’d never do anymore).
    I think I cared less about what I looked like out in public than I do now (and I’m not exactly saying its a good thing that I’m more concerned about that.)
    When I was 11, or so, I wanted to adopt a child, more than anything for my birthday present. 😶 I didn’t want to wait. Now that I’m 18, I really don’t see the feasibility in me doing that, right now. However, I still hope to do it someday (maybe after, if ever, I get married.) 😊

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    1. Ah, no worries!
      Cool! Skirts are AWESOME. I love them so much!
      Thanks for sharing some of the things you used to do vs the you now!
      Oooh adoption is really special. We actually ALMOST adopted my second-cousin Cannon last year. He is the sweetest, most adorable baby ever. I love him so much…

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