Sunshine To A Dark World

The world can seem really dark at times. When pandemics happen. When people get sick. When friends suffer. When life doesn’t go the way that we had hoped. When the clouds block out the sun.

How can we bring light back when these things happen?

How can we make the world a brighter place?

I believe it is through the little things – small kindnesses, smiles and reminders that the sun is always shining, even when we can’t see it through the clouds.

A couple years ago, I was in Costco, shopping with my family. I was discouraged and sooo tired. I was trudging along, watching people (’cause I’m weird like that and enjoy seeing what other people are like, lol). We pasted this woman and I almost stopped because she seemed to be shining. Seriously. She had the brightest smile on her face. It wasn’t fake like so many I see nowadays. No, it was real and so joyful. When I passed her again later, she was still smiling.

Just simply seeing her bright, beautiful smile brought joy into my day and made me feel less tired and more happy.

A few months ago, Mama and us kids were once more shopping. We were heading into the second store of the day. My brothers were already running crazy and being generally infuriating. Everyone was running on short fuses. We were in the parking lot heading inside, when this lady stopped us. She chatted for a little while and was so sweet. Then, when we were getting ready to leave, she gave us $60. 😮 What stranger does that?! As we were thanking her, another lady walked by and pressed $30 into Mama’s hand. 😮😮 We were all stunned by the random kindness of two strangers. Even though my brothers continued to be annoying all through the store, I was able to be more patient because of the ladies kindness.

Another time Mama and I were coming home from an allergy appointment and we wanted to get some coffee. We stopped at a little shop which was strangely quiet and dark. We realized, when we were inside, that it was two minutes to closing time. But you know what? The lady made us coffee anyway. It was so kind. I doubt many other people would have done that when the shop was practically closed.

It’s things like this that make a difference in the world. Random kindness. Gentle words. Unexpected gifts. Smiles. Hugs. Notes. Coffee. Cookies. Flowers.

Let’s part the clouds and let the sun shine through.


Have you ever had a random stranger do something kind? Have you ever been that stranger? What are some things that always make you smile?

32 thoughts on “Sunshine To A Dark World

  1. This is so sweet!
    One time, we were grocery shopping, and my mom was all ready to pay for the stuff, and she found that her card wasn’t in her wallet so she couldn’t pay! We were about to run home to get it, when this man who was paying for his own things at the next register turned around and insisted that he pay for ours as well! It was one of the nicest things I have ever seen.
    Hmm, things that make me smile…friends, doggies, and stories. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. My sister (mom of probably 4 or 5 kids at the time) had the owner of a more expensive restaurant pay for her, her husband’s, and the kids’ meals that night.
    My dad was in a restaurant the other day and an older lady came in to pick up her pizza only to find out they didn’t accept cards and she didn’t have cash on her. Several guys offered to pay for her and one did.
    I love hearing about acts of kindness! 😁

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  3. Yes!
    Well, two years ago, my mom got VERY sick. She was in the hospital for more than a month and she had to have 3 surgeries in less than two months. I was just very sad all of the time, but my Church family, school co-op and neighbors were truly a light in the dark times. We had more meals than we could eat, and more support and help than we could have imagined. >3
    thank you for this post!!! 😀

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  4. Little things matter! I loved this! I remember after the tornado how random strangers worked together to help each other. It was like our town became a family, each person bringing what they had. It was insane. My day was made even when I was 6 because of a random person talking to me, giving me something… little things matter. ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Wow! Very interesting! I loved reading this!
    Once, a few years ago, my whole family was at a restaurant. While we were eating, we saw the group at a table behind us whispering to each other, and kind of shushing each other. They left before we were done, and when we went to pay, the cashier said that that group had paid for our main meal (not including dessert, which we didn’t get anyway). That was a big blessing, seeing we were a family of seven.
    I’ve also heard of other stories similar to that and the ones about drive-thrus.

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  6. It’s such a joy to witness kindness, especially by strangers. It reminds me that we have angels! I pray that I may also freely give as the Holy Spirit directs. I love to always look people in the eye and smile at them and see the smile creep into their eyes too. Your story made me smile too. Thank you.

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  7. Hattush, this post made me smile! YOU made me smile! ♥️ I love the examples of random kindness you and your Mama experienced. That really touched my heart!

    I wrote a blog post awhile back about 26 examples of random acts of kindness. People underestimate the impact they can have on another life! Someone may be about to give up and one act of love can change their mind. That’s incredible! How you described being so tired and just drudging along to feeling energized by kindness is the perfect example! 🙂

    God bless you Hattush. Thank you for sharing your beauty with all of us!

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    1. Aw, thank you so much. Your comment meant a lot to me!
      Yes, it is so amazing how small kindness and acts of love can make such a difference. Like you said, people can be so close to giving up and an act of kindness and love can help give them hope to keep on. ❤

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