Random Life Update: December

Wow, I can’t believe that the NEW YEAR is right around the corner!! 2020 flew by. So much happened, I forgot sometimes that it’s only been a year. *nods*

I did a ton of school at the beginning of the month ’cause I knew I would get behind with our trip and all of the holidays. I’m getting really close to finishing some of my classes! SO EXCITING!

We finally bought a new van! I got into it for the first time and was like, “WOW. THIS IS SO CLEAN. AND IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE OLD FASTFOOD, DIAPERS AND SOCKS!!!” XD Joys of living in a big family!

We had a LOT of celebrations during December! First was Hanukah! You can see my posts about it here and here. Hanukah is one of my favorite holidays. I really enjoyed watching the candles, eating latkes (& making them one night) and remembering the miracle of the light.

Dovid had his second birthday!!! I can’t believe how big he’s getting! He’s such a smart, clever little guy!

LOOK AT THAT CAKE!!! Mama did a great job!!

The big birthday boy!!!

So, I’m writing this post early because we’re leaving for a vacation to TX on Christmas Eve. I plan to do a whole post about that later. Anyway, since we haven’t celebrated Christmas yet, I can’t write about it. 😉 XD But, by the time you read this, Christmas will be over and we will have had a wonderful day (hopefully!).

Before we left for the trip, I spent a while making food that we could take along for a Christmas meal! I made mashed potatoes, stuffing, apple sauce, (to go along with our game hens!!!), GF bagels and…CHRISTMAS PUDDING! It was the first time I’d ever made it. It was a super fun experience. (And much easier than I thought it’d be!)

One BIG thing that happened for me this month has to do with my sugar gliders! If you follow my glider blog An Inky Dream, you know what I mean! 😉 Dreamer had babies!!! She had beautiful twin girls. They came OOP (out of pouch) on December 1st. I will be selling them when they are weaned (sometime at the beginning of February). If you are interested, please contact me here. You can see more pictures and the prices for the babies here.

Little Laelynn! ❤

And my adorable Star Rain. (Do you see her red eyes?!)


I was looking in the mirror at the pimple on my face. Yoveil was in the room, too.

Yoveil: Do you have a pimple, Hada?

Me: Yes.

Yoveil: Where?

Me: On my nose. (the worst place, of course XD)

Yoveil: I see one somewhere else, too.

Me: Yeah, I have a lot.

Yoveil: Is Mommy going to pop them?

Me: No, I’ll pop them. ‘Cause it’s fun.

Yoveil: Aw, I wish I had a pimple. I want to pop a pimple. But I don’t want anyone else to. It might hurt.



What did you do in December? Did you have a good Christmas? Have you ever had Christmas pudding? What are your plans for January? Any New Year’s goals?

21 thoughts on “Random Life Update: December

  1. This is an interesting post! Happy birthday to Dovid! That is such a neat cake! Oh, dear! Yoveil doesn’t know what she may be in for when she becomes a teenager! 😄
    From what I remember, we didn’t really do anything too unusual or particularly interesting this month.
    We actually don’t celebrate Christmas, but, of course, we DO believe in Jesus’ birth. 🙂 One thing that we did this year that we don’t usually do on Christmas Eve, was we read about Jesus’ birth and sang hymns about His birth. ❤❤
    Oh! I just remembered that one thing I HAVE started on this year was memorizing John. I’m 28 verses into the first chapter, and my goal is, with God’s help, to memorize the whole book. One tool that has been super helpful (I probably wouldn’t have started on this venture without it) is The Bible Memorization App or ScriptureTyper.com (for the computer). But wow! I’ve been able to do so much with this thing.
    We are getting a break off from school this week, and I made blueberry pancakes yesterday morning. 😋
    Can you believe it’s almost 2021?!! 😲 The year just flew by!
    I don’t really have any New Year’s goals *looks around sheepishly*. Yeah, it seems all of them that I make… yeah, you probably know what I mean. I’m not really one to stick to a schedule or something like that. I should probably work on that. You know, THAT right there could be my goal! 😂 (after I wrote this I DID realize that one goal of mine is to memorize the whole book of John, as I stated above. But that’s not exactly a New Year’s goal.)
    I do, however, want to get a job after graduation *nods*.

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    1. Thank you! The cake was sooo good! We have some left…frozen for when we get back home! 😋
      Haha, yeah, when she gets to be a teen, I don’t think she will be so thrilled about having pimples. 🤣
      Thats cool! What a special way to spend Christmas Eve!
      AWESOME!!!! That is so neat that you are memorizing John! Wow, 28 verses in already? I am going to have to check out that memorization tool! I am working on memorization with a friend right now.
      Blueberry pancakes! YUM!
      I know! So crazy! 2021 is coming so fast!
      Haha, yeah, I know what you mean!
      Neat! When will you graduate?

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      1. 😋
        I agree! XD
        YES!! You totally should!! I’ve been using it for about 22 days, and I’m loving it! They give you points and ranking on it, so it’s highly motivating! Right now, my brother is trying to race past me in the level I’m in.😂
        Memorizing with a friend sounds great! It helps to keep you going if you know someone else is working through it with you.
        Yes!! (To the three statements.) XD
        I’m graduating in June, Lord willing. And I’m soo excited!! 😁

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        1. That is wonderful! It sounds like a great tool! Yeah, it realky does help having a friend to do it with – keeps me motivated!
          Yay!!!!! That is so exciting!!!! Do you know what you’ll do after graduation?

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          1. 😀 *nods*
            I know!!! I’m not planning, exactly, to go on for further education. I think what I want to do is start with getting a job. From there I want to eventually maybe go on a short-term missions trip to start, then, later, actually go into fulltime missionary service. Of course that all sounds good and well in my little brain, but who knows where God will direct my steps. 😊

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