Unto Us A Child Is Born

MEERY CHRISTMAS, FRIENDS! I can’t believe that another Christmas has arrived!!! As a kid, I always loved Christmas: the lights, being with family, the food, the presents. The past few years have been different. Instead of visiting extended family, we stayed home. While we had a wonderful time as a family, I missed everyone. I missed the festivity and the road trips.

But that’s not what Christmas is truly about.

Take away all of the lights and the wrapping paper and everything that we associate with Christmas. That isn’t the most important part of Christmas. No, what we celebrate today is the birth of Jesus, our Messiah. Maybe that sounds clichΓ©, but it’s what I believe. God sent his son as a little baby. That baby would grow up to become the Savior of this dying world.

In between gifts and hot coco, take a moment to remember HIM.


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