Two Years Of Blogging

Wow…guys. Two years ago today I started DOTL. I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t. I seriously can’t believe how far my blog had come. When I first started, I thought, “Nobody’s going to read this. I’m just doing this for fun.”


I was wrong.

Not about the fun part, I still think that blogging is super fun and enjoyable. But people have read my blog. I want to say THANK YOU so much. Thank you to my very first followers and the people who believed in me from the beginning. Thank you to every one of you who have read, liked, and commented. Your support keeps me blogging and hoping that I can make a difference in this world by using my little words. 🙂

The past two years of my blogging journey have been amazing. I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve started a side blog as well as a collab one. I’ve been so encouraged by the words of other bloggers.

My life has been made so much better because of all of you, your words, your kindness and the fact that you have stuck with me through the ups and downs of my life, through the times that I stopped writing (or wrote way too much)…through all of my mistakes and failures. You guys are the best. Thanks so much!


33 thoughts on “Two Years Of Blogging

  1. WOOOHHH, YAY!!!!! I’m so glad you started your blog!!! If you hadn’t, we probably wouldn’t know each other!! (TRAGIC XD ) You’ve done an AMZING job on your blogs, and I love every post! LOVE YOU! ❤

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  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Keep on blogging, it really impacts others! ❤ I have recently discovered your blog, and your heart really comes through in your writing! You are a talented writer, and it is great that you enjoy blogging so much ❤

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