Sketch Scribble Scribe//Art Contest

Hey friends! I have super exciting news!!! *considers doing a lengthy pause with lots of dots but is way too tired* I’m just going to say it…..


My sister Jehosheba, our friend Kaley and I are all doing a collab blog! We’ve put a lot of work into getting it set up and ready and are sooo excited to finally announce that it is launched!

Sketch Scribble Scribe is a blog dedicated to writing and art. It is created by three girls who love Jesus and are seeking to share his love through our creative outlets. We’d love to have you join us in our journey! If you love writing, art or creativity, Sketch Scribble Scribe is a place for you! We hope to build up a community of Christ loving creative teens!

And now my second announcement! My brother Nahum is hosting an animal art contest over at his blog The Bandit Post. The first place winner gets a wonderful pencil set and second & third place winners get a hand drawn animal by Nahum himself! If you love art, head over there and join!


Did you check out Sketch Scribble Scribe? Did you enter Nahum’s contest? Do you like writing or art?

14 thoughts on “Sketch Scribble Scribe//Art Contest

  1. Oh my gosh this new blog sounds sooooo amazing! 😭💜🎉😍 and that BLOG BUTTON is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to check it out and give it a follow! It really sounds like something I’d love to be part of!
    Ooh and an art contest too?? That’s epic! I’ll go check that out as well! (I’m on my phone right now but once I’m on my laptop, I can appreciate the new blog and get the art contest info in their entirety 😂)

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