My Top 10 Favorite Kids Songs

It’s a well known fact that I love music. But what’s lesser known that I really enjoy kids songs. They’re so funny and so seemingly random that they make me smile and laugh every time I hear them. Today I will be sharing my top 10 favorite kids songs!

Song #1: Under Where by Slugs and Bugs

Song #2: Poop In A Bag by Slugs and Bugs

Song #3: Mexican Rhapsody

Song #4: Cell Phone Jones by Slugs and Bugs

What’s a girl named Cell Phone supposed to do
She got a cell phone when she turned two
She figured out quick she was all alone
Little Miss Cell Phone

Song#5: A Bear In The Woods by Josh Lovelace

A bear in the woods ate my underwear
I was swimmin’ at the creek when I left ’em there
He thought it was a snack someone left to share
Yeah, a bear in the woods ate my underwear

Song #6: Happy Accident by Billy Jonas

Song #7: One Tutu Too Many by Billy Jonas

Once upon a time
I was on the brink
I was so thirsty
I could hardly think
I ordered a lemonade or two or three or four and then I ordered one more  for the road
They said, “that’s one too many.”

Song #8: Monkeys Driving Cars by Billy Jonas

The children all got ill at school
They sneezed and covered me with drool
The doctor said, “What can we do?”
“We’ve touched the moon but can’t fix you”

Boom, boom, boom, past the moon to Mars
Someday baby way beyond to the stars
People say, “Hooray! (Hooray!) We’ve come so far”
But down on the ground it’s monkeys driving cars!

Song #9: Alien In My Lungs by Billy Jonas

I woke up this morning I was stuck to my bed
Because of the mucus dripping out of my head
My little brother said, “That’s a really cool trick!”
I said, “No it’s not, it means I’m sick!”
Mama came in, she said, “Why do you look so glum?”
I said, “Because I’ve got ALIENS IN MY LUNGS!”

Song #10: Some Houses by Billy Jonas

All of these are so catchy and they get stuck in my head for AGES! XD Listen to one or two of them and you’ll know what I mean! XD We like to listen to them on road trips and I end up laughing so hard!


Have you heard any of these songs? Do you like them? What genre of music is your favorite?

9 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Kids Songs

  1. Haha these songs sound so great! 😂👏🏼 I actually haven’t heard any of them before 🤣 but having four younger siblings has caused me to learn countless children’s songs! My favorite genre is pop/rock 😄💚
    One kids song I love is about a kid getting chased by a bear but then he finds out the bear wants to be his friend 😂👏🏼

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  2. I LOVEEEE slugs and bugs! Their songs are so funny and easy to sing along with. (And obviously I share your love for kids songs!😝😂 It might have something to do with being the oldest of a large family…)

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