17 Years

Hey guys. Wow. Another birthday has come upon me. In some ways this year went by crazy fast and in others, it inched away.

A lot has happened since I turned sixteen. The highlights of 16 have been that I….

  • Moved from Minnesota to Tennessee
  • I got serious about my studies and am working towards graduating early 2021
  • Grew a ton in my faith, realized that it was okay not to be okay and came to an understanding that pain is for a purpose, even if I can’t see it at the time
  • Faced my anger against God and people (and man, it has been amazing to see God set me free from that. I never thought that it would happen, but here I am now, so thankful that I’m not furiously mad all of the time anymore)
  • Got back into story writing after taking a year+ off
  • Met some amazing people through blogging and snail mail ❀
  • Started a side blog (aninkydream.wordpress.com)
  • Watched my siblings grow up a TON
  • Moved from Tennessee
  • Got my own room for the first time ever
  • Got to see another, lovely, beautiful fall erupt in all of its beauty

And now, wow, I’m old. XD LOL. But seriously, it’s weird to realize that me and everyone I know is growing up so fast. XD Sounds weird when I write it out, but that’s what my brain was thinking this moment. XD

I was going to do a photo post – sharing photos from all past 16 years of my life. BUT WordPress has been frustrating when it comes to pictures lately AND I did one of those posts last year. (If you want to see baby pictures of me, here’s the link). For all of you people who want to see my 17 year old face….uh. It’s my birthday, so I can refuse, right?? Great logic, self. πŸ˜‰


Here is a picture of me anyway. Such a sacrifice on today of all days. XD

(This was actually from this summer but, eh. Who cares. XD)

Well guys, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has made 16 so special for me and who made today soo fun and exciting. Thank you for all of the well wishes, the cards and the gifts. Thanks to my dear friends and family who made 16 a lot of fun. ❀ And thank you so much, God, for growing me and changing me even though I didn’t want it at the time. ❀

Here’s to a new year!


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