Roaches & Respiratory Infections

*stumbles over to chair and stares at the screen for a really long time* *wishes I had a cup of coffee* *goes to the kitchen to get one* *remembers that we don’t have a microwave anymore and all of the pans are either in the fridge, dishwasher or boxes* *melts*

I’m tired, guys. I really should look through all of my past posts and see how many times I’ve started posts like that. I’m guessing it would be a pretty high percentage.

So we’re getting settled into our new house here. Instead of telling you about it all in my boring little words, I decided to make a series of my little cartoons for you to enjoy. *nods again*

So we found one or two roaches crawling around our living room. *glares* Yay. We realized that we have to be really careful about leaving food out and about because we do not want an infestation of those little bugs.

In their defense, cockroaches are pretty cool. Did you know that they can….

  1. Live for a week without their heads
  2. Run up to three miles an hour
  3. One day old baby cockroaches (about the size of a speck of dust) can run almost as fast as adults
  4. Live three months without food and one without water
  5. Hold their breath for forty minutes

Moving off of the topic of cockroaches… After days of frustrating research (frustrating because I couldn’t find the info I was looking for) I ended up thinking that my gliders had gotten an upper respiratory infection. *weeps* We took them to the vet and it turns out that they did have a slight infection. I have antibiotics for them now, so hopefully they’ll be better within the week. 🙂

Before we took them, I was so paranoid. Since there cage is right across from my bed, I have a good view of them all night long. (In other words, I laid awake and worried about them for way too long. XD)

Me, when I found out that my gliders were going to be okay, that I hadn’t just imagined their symptoms and that the cost of the exam and the antibiotic wasn’t small fortune:

Other than that, we’re unpacking, cleaning and getting everything put in its place. It’s finally starting to feel like home here! I totally love my room. I was able to get everything out of boxes and into its proper place. My plants are basking in the beauty of a well-lit room. My closet is nice and organized (for the first time in ages…hopefully I can keep it like that!) and I’m working on procrastinating less and working more. Making checklists for myself every day and finishing them all 98% of the time. Little victories win the war, people.

It’s been an interesting few days, that’s for sure!😜😐😰😴😴😴😴😎😁😂


Do you hate bugs? Do you have cockroach problems? Are you an overly-worried pet owner?

32 thoughts on “Roaches & Respiratory Infections

  1. Oh man, crazy times, glad your Sugar Gliders will be alright1 I’m actually not super freaked out by cockroaches cause when we lived Haiti there where always cockroaches around, ugh, I’, still grossed out by then though.

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  2. Yikes! I don’t like roaches. Ew, ew, ew…. Luckily we don’t have roaches in our house… *knocks on wood* (not that I am superstitious or anything XD)
    Oh yes. I can be paranoid about my pet chickens and rooster. *sighs*. I’m glad that your sugar gliders are okay, though!

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  3. I like your cartoons!
    I don’t hate many bugs except cockroaches. Ya, I sure would not be keeping one of those for a pet.
    Thanks for the info about them being able to hold their breath. I may have accidentally allowed one (or more) to survive by flushing it in the past. 😣

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    1. Thanks!
      Yeaaaah…Yoveil was so sad when she couldn’t keep them. Me “we’ll have to survive without one” XD
      XD XD Hmm. Yeah. For being so small, they’re amazingly hard to kill.

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  4. Oh-yeah! I know what you’re talking about! At one house we lived in for a little while, there were smoky-brown cockroaches. Yuck! We had to have pest control come over every once and a while. But in the house next-door (a place where the African Children’s Choir would stay sometimes), there were LOTS of cockroaches!! Big ones! So, yeah!
    (That house we were in was also the one that we had to “deep clean” once we moved in. It was grimy! But thank God he provided that place! We needed it!)

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  5. I don’t like roaches. Due to poor irrigation systems, we had quite some bugs/roaches growing up in Nigeria, West Africa. I was surprised to find roaches and bugs in the United States as well. Bugs/roaches are everywhere in the world.
    May your new home be peaceful. 🙏

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  6. I love the graphics! What did you use to make them?
    EW, COCKROACHES! Blah. (of you can’t tell already i don’t like them)
    I hope your sugar gliders get better soon!

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    1. Thanks! I just used an old version of Publisher on my computer to put together different shapes and colors. 🙂 My sister and I have been doing it for years. 🙂
      Uuuugh. YES. Cockroaches are so gross. I even found one in my bedroom last night.

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