Arboretum & Gardens Photography

Hey guys! A couple weeks ago we went to a little arboretum/gardens near us. It wasn’t huge, but there was a tons of beautiful plants there! I’m so glad I brought my camera along! 😍

This was in the parking lot. Baruch took great delight in throwing dust in the air. XD

Dovid was doing such a good job holding my hand. He loves to run free, but that day he was SO sweet, polite and adorable. (He’s one of the only babies I know who says “please” and “thank you”!!)

THESE COLORS! I am swooning! LOOK AT THE COLORS!!!! Those are some of my favorite combinations.


A perfect picture of life…somehow. XD Interpret that in your own way. XD 😂

The white was so perfectly white and brilliant.

I love this flower so much!


I loved how the sun was filtering through the leaves.

Yoveil was so cute. 😉

Mushrooms. XD

More sunlight through more leaves.

Baby named this her “beater stick”. 😐😶

We found roses!

They had a whole section of bamboo. I LOVE bamboo!

The big red chair. 🙂 It was the last thing before we headed back to our van (and the doughnuts there). 😉


What was your favorite picture? Do you like photography? What are your favorite type of flowers?

32 thoughts on “Arboretum & Gardens Photography

  1. I like them all too, but my favorite is probably either of the daisy or your siblings and you on the chair. It reminds me soooooo much of my family!! With a few more editions of course! 😂😉

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