A Day In My Life 2.0 (+ surprising announcement)

Hey guys! I did one of these day-in-the-life things back in March, but my life has changed quite a bit since then. I was planning to write up a whole post announcing this, but it fits in here fine, so yeah. XD We are planning another move. Within the next few weeks actually. *grins awkwardly at your surprised faces* *realizes that maybe you’re not surprised* *wonders what face I’m supposed to make now*

I know that this is super unexpected. We only really started thinking about a move at the beginning of August (of course, with us, we’re always thinking about the next move XD). By Labor Day we had a signed contract on our house. We hope to be moved into our new home before or at the very beginning of October.

We’ve done so much cleaning on the house, but it looks SO good now. Daddy repainted all of the walls and they are awesome. Jehosheba and I have been keeping our room extra clean and mostly smell free (we have four animals in here, three of which are unneutered males). 

My mind is still spinning at the speed of all of this. I think this is probably our fastest move yet. *shakes head* Everything has fallen into place so well and so quickly that I haven’t even had time to REALLY process it all. We spent all day Saturday looking at rentals in GA. GA isn’t too far from here, so it should be a very easy move! I’m super excited!!!

*tries to collect my thoughts so that I can write a coherent post * Sorry guys, my brain is in a million places right now. XD I’ve been staying up so late the past week or so and I have tons of stuff I need to be doing. I’m trying to get it all organized and trying not to forget important things in the whirlwind of my life at the moment.

It’s midafternoon. My siblings are all busy and my room is silent. I have a glass of kombucha beside me, LOTR soundtrack playing through my headphones and my babies asleep in my lap. ❤ It’s time to sit back and write. 🙂

After that lengthy introduction and announcement, I am going to stop rambling and let you guys see what a not-so-typical day in my life is like. At this point in the time of man’s history, my day has very little routine/structure. What you see me do in this post will likely change tomorrow. Just depends on the day, lol. When we move, I’ll get back into my school/writing/cleaning schedule, but for now LIFE IS UP FOR THE GRABS! Whatever that means. XD Enjoy, friends! ❤

9:10 AM

I reluctantly crawl out of bed and head for the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Once I’m dressed with my hair brushed, I head back to my bedroom to write in my faithful journal.

Then I get some letters ready to send out (and run out of stamps *dies*). I check my email, read some blog posts that friends have written, and then work on my own blog for a bit.

It’s been a while since I did much photography, so I take my camera out into the backyard and see what I can find there.

11:00 AM

Yoveil wakes up and I take her downstairs and give her some food. After she’s taken care of, I grab a glass of kombucha and head up stairs to work on my novel.

True bliss. 😍

Anybody else love kombucha? Comment below! 😉

12:10 PM

After looking at a couple houses online, we eat leftover pizza for lunch. 😋😎

Yoveil is sad because she couldn’t have “sweet butter” with her pizza crust. XD (And Baruch is in the background making goofy faces, lol)

12:40 PM

I get back to writing. *thumbs up*

1:00 PM

Time to clean up! My siblings and I work around the house for a little while, then I sit down to watch some sugar glider related YouTube videos. 🙂

I LOVE her videos. They’re so informative, fun and her gliders are ADORABLE. After I watch videos for a while, I get ready to run into town for a family scavenger hunt.

Ugh, I’m trying to limit the amount of photos I have of myself…..

2:10 PM

We are in the van and heading towards downtown for the scavenger hunt. On the way, we listen to kids music by Slugs and Bugs. (I love their music…it’s so funny and seemingly random! XD)

2:30 PM

We arrive at our downtown and hop out of the van. We grab a treat at Vienna coffee shop and start walkin’.

Jehosheba hiding from my camera. 😉

A couple sweets to split. 🙂

We get to see a lot of cool history as we journey around the downtown area.

We get about half of the scavenger hunt done before it gets too late and we have to head towards home.

De lil baby. ❤ Our last stop is the Mast General Store. CANDY! 😉 We each pick out a couple pieces.

4:47 PM

We leave downtown and head for home. We have to stop at Kroger’s on the way. Just Mama and Nahum run inside to grab a few things.

Dovid is so adorable. He is chatting away about candy. 🙂

Baruch makes more goofy faces for the camera.

I am bored and attempt to take self portraits. (Key word, attempt.) My face is a mess, wow. *face palm*

Photo shoot with my empty Zotz wrapper. 😦

Random picture of our van. XD

5:50 PM

We get home. Daddy’s already here. After I check my email, I cut up some veggies for supper.

I love the colors of peppers. They’re SO beautiful.

Vegetables are the best. Doesn’t that look awesome? I love veggie sandwich night! 😉


6:25 PM

We eat together. ❤

6:45 PM

After supper Jehosheba and I head outside to mow/trim. We normally do it on Saturday, but since we were in GA all day, it didn’t get done.

7:20 PM

I finish mowing and head inside. I watch a couple magic tricks by Yoveil (she is adorable!). Then I work on my computer for a bit.

8:00 PM

We kids start a movie (INCREDIBLES 2!!) We eat some ice cream sandwiches while we watch.

9:20 PM

I run upstairs to put Ink and Dreamer’s food into their cage before they wake up. ❤

9:30 PM

I brush my teeth and get ready for bed. Then we have family bible reading and prayer.

9:55 PM

While the parents head to bed, we kids finish our movie.

10:20 PM

The movie is over and I head to the sugar glider cage to play with my babies before bed. ❤ (I tried to get some pictures, but since sugar gliders hate light, I tend to have the room pretty dark – lit only by one lamp. So the quality of the pictures are TERRIBLE. Sorry, but it was the best I could do.)

That’s Dreamer, sitting on my arm. ❤

She is intent on snagging the piece of papaya from my fingers.

MY BABY IS ADORABLE! They have so much fun running around the room, exploring and climbing all over me. ❤

“What is that big eye that keeps clicking up at me, Mama?” 😂

There’s little Inky in the front! I bribe them with treats to keep them from dashing away from the camera (or climbing all over it to see what it is, lol)


“Ah, there they are.”


Dreamer’s trying to take the piece of papaya from Ink’s mouth. 😂

My darling lil Ink. ❤

(If you guys want to see more pictures of my gliders, head over to my side blog dedicated to sugar gliders. https://aninkydream.wordpress.com/awesome-glider-pictures/ )

11:20 PM

I finish playing with my gliders. Jehosheba is asleep (or trying to do so) and everyone besides Yoveil and I are in dreamland. Yoveil runs to the bathroom to get a drink. I change my shirt (sugar glider’s love to mark me as their own 😐).

11:25 PM

I climb into bed and pull the blankets up around me. I thank God for another good day, for my family, for my friends and for another chance to live for His glory. ❤

12:30 AM

Somewhere around now I finally drift to sleep with the sounds of Ink and Dreamer playing in their cage near my bed. ❤

That ended up being a lot longer that I was thinking, lol! I hope you guys enjoyed a peak into my day!


How many times have you moved? If you have, what do you enjoy most about it? Do you like kombucha? Do you enjoy going on scavenger hunts? What is your favorite type of candy? What’s your least favorite type of veggie? Have you seen the Incredibles 2? Do you think Ink and Dreamer are cute? 😉

66 thoughts on “A Day In My Life 2.0 (+ surprising announcement)

    1. Lol, eh, it doesn’t feel like it most days. Especially the days that I sit around and do practically nothing for hours….XD
      *weeps* I KNOOOOW. It’s sad. But anytime you’re in our area….I COMMAND YOU TO VISIT US! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Lol, same here. Some times I am so consistent and others…eh. I literally spent the entire day yesterday doung nothing but watching Brain Games and making a cheesecake. 🤔


  1. Ok wait ARE YOU MOVING TO GEORGIA??? Or is ‘GA’ a code word you’re using for a town for privacy reasons 😂 because if you ARE moving to Georgia YOU’LL BE SO CLOSE TO MEEEE!
    What a fun post! I loved seeing what you and your family got up to. Your photography is phenomenal and crystal-clear as always 😍💜 ooh is that a Trader Joe’s bag in your van I see?? I miss that store so much 😭 we haven’t gone to Atlanta to our Trader Joe’s since the pandemic started here because the most cases are in the capital. It wouldn’t be too smart. There are so many things I look forward to eating again from there someday (hopefully soon!).
    Best of luck on your move! Moving is exciting me and nerve-wracking simultaneously 😂👍🏼

    Liked by 3 people

      Thanks so much!
      Yes, we love TJ’s. It’s one of the two stores that we go to to get groceries (Costco is the other one, lol). Aw, that’s SO sad! What is something that you miss the most from TJ’s?
      Yes, same here!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. WOOHOO!!! We’ll share a STATE! 😂💕 you’re very welcome!
        Ooh yes! It’s the best. Yeah… I love Scandinavian Swimmers, the Danish Kringle they sell, and their Alfredo sauce! 😋

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!!! That’s so exciting that you’re moving!!! I will be praying for you…I know moving can be soooo stressful. 💖 I loved seeing how your day goes! And those sugar gliders are simply the cutest things EVER. 😍😍😍😍 I always love seeing pictures of them!


    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh wow, Hattush! That’s definitely a fast move! I’ll be praying for you guys as you prepare for it!!
    I’ve only moved once in my life, and this past June 1st was actually our one year anniversary! 😁 I understand the fast move thing, bc we actually first-ever laid eyes on our new house on Resurrection Sunday of last year, and we moved in on JUNE 1ST!!! It was crazy, and a big switch (we moved from N.J. to Ohio 😉), but God had His hand in all of it and helped us every step of the way!
    Btw, your sugar gliders are ADORABLE!!!!! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Great post! YOUR MOVING!!! I’ll be praying for you!

    To answer your questions:
    How many times have you moved? I’ve moved once. 10 hours away from where I grew up… 😦 It was very sad…
    If you have, what do you enjoy most about it? Uh, making new friends in a new place.
    Do you like kombucha? YES!! ITS SO GOOD!
    Do you enjoy going on scavenger hunts? I’ve only been on a couple, but yes i do!
    What is your favorite type of candy? *sucks in a deep breath* Chocolate.
    What’s your least favorite type of veggie? Mushrooms *gags*
    Have you seen the Incredibles 2? Yep. It was pretty good!
    Do you think Ink and Dreamer are cute? YEAH! THEY ARE ADORABLE!

    Liked by 1 person

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