Random Life Update: August

August started with a bang. Quite literally, actually. We were eating lunch one afternoon and Dovid was attempting to walk from one chair to another. Well. He missed. He fell. And hit the side of his head on the table on way down. He got a gash RIGHT beside his eye. It was literally so close to going into his actual eye, but thank God, it didn’t. We took him to Urgent Care, but he’s healing up nicely now (and he’ll have a scar and a story to tell!).

Man, seriously. This year has got to hold the record for Urgent Care visits. Last year we went like once maybe. This year much much more. 😫🤦‍♀️🥱😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

Also during August, J and I were part of Crazy Writing Week. It was SO awesome!!! (GO PIRATES!!! WE WON!!!!) It gave me something to focus on and snapped me out of 3+ weeks of worrying. I am a worrywart and was worried about family, friends, bloggers I follow, people I haven’t seen/been in contact with for years, my pets, Jehosheba’s pets, Nahum’s pets….. (Not that I didn’t worry about them during CWW – I did because I care about them. I just wasn’t paranoid anymore. 😜)

Crazy Writing Week in and of itself was so awesome! It gave me the incentive I needed to work really hard on my novel. (I am a self proclaimed procrastinator 🙄) I was able to get almost 37,000 words written on my story and wrote about 41,600 words during the whole week. I was so thrilled because I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN THAT MUCH IN ONE WEEK IN MY WHOLE LIFE. 👍😆😉 It was cool to see what I could do when I put my mind to it. XD

Also….SUMMER BOARD GAMES!!!! This was my second year doing SBG and it was sooo much fun (it’s not quite over yet!!)! Nahum participated in it as well, which was fun. It was cool to see him get out of his comfort zone and try new things. (Baruch participated as well, unofficially ’cause he’s not old enough to compete XD)

One of the challenges for SBG was to go backyard camping! So we decided to set up our huge tent, start a little fire and have hot dogs and S’MORES!!! We hadn’t had a fire since like KC. SO that was a ton of fun! And the s’mores were so good!

Dovid loved the fire and wanted (obviously) to touch it. 😕 When he was told “NOOOO STOP”, he wanted to be held so that he could be as near to it as possible without getting into trouble.

Our tent. We got this one after a camping trip back in 2012. We had a TIINY tent and our growing family did NOT fit well inside.


I love fire. XD It’s so beautiful.

We roasted a ton of s’mores (how come it is almost impossible to get the perfect marshmallow?! Mine always seem to catch on fire…..😂) After that we kids spent the night in de tent. I misjudged the amount of blankets that I would need because, uh, it was August and I would be sleeping outside. (Inside I have an 18-pound blanket plus two lighter ones. XD) All I took was a thin blanket. And woke up half way through the night shivering and FREEZING and stayed that way until the morning. But all in all, it was a lot of fun. I loved being out in the open and hearing the animal sounds and smelling the fresh air. AHHH. Beautiful.

I also realized that I can’t chew gum much anymore. *melts into a muddle of tears* It’s killing my jaw. I tried not chewing it for a while, and my jaw is still pained. 😒

(Even after I came to the conclusion about no more gum, I went out and bought like eight packs of it because it was cheap….XD) As a kid, I had HORRIBLE headaches that were SO painful. They stopped for a while, but since I’ve been chewing so much gum for such a long time, I’ve been getting them again. *sighs* It’s for the best anyway. The fake sugar is terrible for my health anyway. *looks longingly at the stack of gum beside me* GUYS. I seriously have 108 sticks here. I should sell them. THE TEMPTATION IS TOO BIG! XD (The pain is bigger, though, so that should stop me. XD Maybe. XD)

I got chocolate covered blueberries from the discount store for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS (also where I found the gum😂)! Do you guys know how expensive those normally are?! Anyway, I left them in reach of The Terror (aka Dovid) and he got into them. I found him watching a movie, chocolate running down his face, stomach and diaper and a huge chunk of MY BELOVED in his hand. I wasn’t thrilled. Dovid is getting into EVERYTHING. He’s testing his boundaries and it is eeeexhausting. He’s a pretty tall kid, and he figured out how to open doors. Including the front/back door. I was outside mowing earlier and the door pops open and out runs a little kid in footie PJ’s. XD Thankfully, he hasn’t gone outside alone yet, but I’m guessing that day will come soon enough. *faints* He’s adorably cute right now, but I’ll be happy when this phase passes.

I worked on school all through the summer, but was planning to work extra hard on it starting this month. Guess what happened? Yep. I took off like a week to do a bunch of cleaning instead.😁😂🤣 Plans change and that’s okay. School will always be waiting there for me to finish. I do actually enjoy all of it besides my horrible confusing bad math.

I’m trying to figure out what else we did this month. 🤔 Uh. We got a lot of painting done on our house. That was GREAT! The walls looks so much better now! They were damaged from the previous owners, so now everything looks amazingly fresh and clean! OUR ROOM GOT PAINTED AS WELL! YAAAAY! It looks so great!

It really seems like we did more. I guess we did, but most of it isn’t worth mentioning. XD

Cuteness Corner

There was some kids music on in the background and Yoveil started dancing to it.

Yoveil: Hada, I’m dancing.

Me: Yup. You’re cute.

Yoveil: Do you like to dance?

Me: *coughs* Uh, Hada doesn’t dance.

Yoveil: Is it because you don’t know how to? I can learn you how to dance!

Me: I’ll just watch you.

Yoveil: Do you even KNOW what dancing IS?!


Earlier today I was sitting in front of my computer and attempting to fix a major plot hole in my story.

Me: Ugh, I’m so stumped. This is awful.

Yoveil, from across the room: Don’t be stumped, Hada! I’ll give you fun stuff to do!



What did you do this month? Do you like painting? Do you dance? Did you participate in Crazy Writing Week or Summer Board Games? Do you like gum? Chocolate covered blueberries? Do you have little siblings?

37 thoughts on “Random Life Update: August

    1. Me and dancing do NOT go together well. I am a very awkward person. XD And not at all flexible. XD Never have been, never will be. XD
      I’m sure she’d love to learn you how to dance! She can be quite the little teacher when she wants to be! 😉


                1. That’d be so fun! XD Somehow I doubt that I’d become a millionaire, though. XD
                  Yep, I believe that I am part German. XD I want a detailed record of my family ancestry….XD


  1. 😂 great post! Yoveil is so cute!!

    ahh… we went to the beach for my moms birthday! that was fun. other than that it was just school, dance at home, and being lazy.

    painting is really fun, i’m horrible *clears throat* at it. but it’s fun!

    i do! i do ballet and worship dance!

    i didn’t, but those both sound super fun. i actually signed up for SBG but i got to busy to do it! 😬

    i love gum, it hurts my jaw though so i hardly ever have it 😭

    i’ve never tried chocolate covered blueberries… i now need to go get some and try them!! (that may have been an excuse to eat chocolate 😏)

    i have a younger sister but she’s two years younger so it’s not that much of a difference, i would live to have the cuteness factor of younger siblings but not the work/stress factor 😂

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    1. Sounds like a great month. XD The beach, cool! I loooove the beach (uh, all two times that I’ve visited XD).
      Hehe SAME when it comes to painting. *shakes head*
      Cool! That’s awesome that you do ballet and worship dance!
      Ah the tragedies of life. 😭😂 I wish gum didn’t hurt so bad!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun post! I enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life with us!
    For us this month has been full of unexpected grief, worry, and recounting of memories. I also celebrated my eighteenth birthday!! 🎉✨🤩
    I don’t particularly enjoy painting, as my pictures usually turn out to be quite non-descriptive.🤔
    I don’t dance–usually. I’ve never heard of CWW or SBG. I REALLY LIKE GUM– but can’t have it. 😞 I’ve actually never heard of chocolate-covered blueberries.
    I have two younger brothers, but they’re both basically past babying😩–11 and 15-years-old.
    Oh! There’s also a really good book I’ve been reading called “Evidence Not Seen” by Darlene Deibler Rose.
    And another VERY interesting book that I’ve long since finished is called “A Song for Your Honor”.
    Have a great day!

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    1. Of course! I love writing posts like this! 😉 ❤
      *hugs you tight* That can be really rough. I'm praying for you and your family, ❤ Is there any way I can pray specifically?
      Wow! Your eighteenth birthday! Happy belated birthday! That's so exciting!
      Hehe, yes. I understand with painting. I wish I could do it well XD
      AW, SO SAD ABOUT THE GUM. 😭😭 And about siblings growing up. 😦 It's great to see them mature, but also sad to watch them leave behind their little childish ways. *nods*
      Ooh those sounds like awesome books!!

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      1. *hugs you tight back*💕 Yes, it is. We got the shocking news last Sunday that my 50-year-old cousin passed away unexpectedly. That was hard news. He and my dad were close. Because he was a born-again believer, and we’ll see him again someday in glory, makes it a little easier. Thank you for praying for us! I’m praying for you and your family, too.
        Thank you! Yes! Praise God I’ve made it this far!
        I know! I agree about seeing my siblings maturing. They’ve definitely done a lot of that!
        Yes they are! You should look them up!

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  3. Your camping sounds really fun! My son made homemade marshmallows, and we found out that they don’t burn as easily as the store-bought ones.
    I used to enjoy chewing gum, but I had to stop a few years ago because of stress cracks in teeth that then had to be crowned, and TMJ. My daughter also has pretty bad TMJ along with headaches. She is having to take muscle relaxants and go to physical therapy to help her with her TMJ and headaches. It’s helping a lot. She also has not been able to chew gum for a few years.
    Congrats on getting so much of your book done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! It was! Ah, cool! That’s awesome that your son made homemade marshmallows. I think homemade ones taste better than the store bought. 😋
      Aw, that’s so sad. Headaches, TMJ, and teeth problems are rough. 😦 My littlest sister used to have TERRIBLE teeth. They were literally crumbling and we didn’t know why. But it’s been amazing to see them heal over the past couple years – portions have actually regrown, which was crazy cool!

      Liked by 1 person

            1. They started crumbling when she was under a year old, I believe. She’s four now but the restoration really started happening, I don’t know, maybe six months or so after we started helping her. I can’t remember how long it took for the majority of the regrowth to happen.


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