Ever since I was given the choice to get sugar gliders as pets, I’ve been doing various research and learning on them and how to best care for them. So now I have all of this random knowledge and fun facts that I’M interested in. Hence, this blog gets flooded with sugar glider info. XD

I’m guessing that there are some people who read DOTL and don’t want to hear all about my beloved little pets. XD So I decided to do something about that!

*drumroll and suspense begins*








I DECIDED TO START A SIDE BLOG DEDICATED TO SUGAR GLIDERS! *throws confetti* YAY! I’m super excited to announce that An Inky Dream is now up and running! (

If you’re at all interested in sugar gliders, I’d love it if you’d check it out! I’ll be posting once or twice a week. The topics will range from informational to quizzes, fun facts and other stuff like that! I’m super excited about this! πŸ™‚


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