Father’s Day/Birthday/Scavenger Hunt Summery

Hey guys! I hope that you all had a great Father’s Day weekend! Since Jehosheba’s birthday was on Sunday, Mama decided that we should celebrate Father’s Day on Friday. Daddy was home for the day. We went swimming a bit that morning. Around four or so, we had a big, special meal! There were burgers, brats, a bunch of different salads, fries and ONION RINGS! Ah man, it was great! 🙂 Then Mama made a huge cookie cake and I made frosting for it. We ate it while watching a movie. *smiles* It was fun!

Saturday Mama had put together a big scavenger hunt to celebrate Jehosheba and Daddy! It was a lot of fun! We went around town all day and tried to complete a list of different tasks. It was the Girl Team against the Boy Team. *smiles*

We started out by having bagels and coming up with names for Jehosheba. (Because the morning of her birth, we ate bagels and got names).

We went in search of murals and photographed ourselves with them. 😉

We headed to a farmer’s market and walked around there. It was HOT outside (and of course I had a lot of common sense to wear a completely black outfit *face palm*). Yoveil was REALLY worn out and sad and Dovid was exhausted. Needless to say, it was a chorus of weeping children. Yoveil got a popsicle and was happy (until it melted down her arm XD).

One of the challenges was to find a shopping cart and see how many team members could fit inside. This was Team Boys’ attempt.

We got to pick out a bunch of candy for under six dollars per team.

We got lunch at Burger King, stopped by the Dollar Store to grab some balloons and then headed to a neat little park to play. Yoveil was extremely happy. They had these GREAT swings that were soooooooo relaxing! I need one in my room. XD

It started POURING rain, but by the time we got to our next stop, it was back to being burning hot. XD We arrived at a pick-your-own flower farm. The flowers were SO beautiful! I maaay have gone crazy taking pictures. XD

We got supper from a bunch of food trucks (but I left my camera in the car) and then we headed home. It was a lot of fun! 🙂

Sunday was Jehosheba’s birthday! (Thank you to everyone who wished her a happy day!) The boys and I (and Yoveil) went swimming again that afternoon while Mama and Jehosheba worked on the cheese cake. Then we had a special meal. SERBIAN ROLLS! Ah, they were so good! After that Jehosheba opened presents! There were so many sweet gifts from family and pen pals! ❤ Daddy also opened Father’s Day gifts!

THEN IT WAS CAKE TIIIIIME! WE HAD A SPECIAL CHEESECAKE! It was a beautiful three layer cheesecake that tasted AMMMAZING! Ah man, now I’m drooling thinking about it. XD

It was a fun weekend with lots of great food and laughter. 🙂 😉


What did you do this weekend? How did you celebrate Father’s Day? How do you celebrate birthdays? What is your favorite type of cake? Do you like cheesecake?

27 thoughts on “Father’s Day/Birthday/Scavenger Hunt Summery

  1. Sounds like you had a really great time! We didn’t do much for Father’s Day. We had church as usual, then after dinner, we gave our dad cards and a gift. It was special. 🥰

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