Life As A Missionary Kid {Guest Post}

Hey everyone! Today I have a very special guest on my blog! Please welcome Rosy Marr! *hugs and cheers* THANK YOU SO MUCH, ROSY! 💖

  1. Why did your family decide to go into missions?

Well, my mom’s parents were missionaries in Mexico when she was a girl, and my dad worked with my grandpa before he was married. My parents married in Mexico, and  when I was 2 we moved to the States. My Dad wanted to get more training and church experience before going back to plant a church. And 4 and a half years ago, we did! 🙂 

  1. What’s one of the funniest things that happened to you in Mexico?

I honestly have no idea about this question.  Ok, one funny/embarrassing thing that happened to me… Once when we first moved here, I was buying tortillas, and asked for “flour” tortillas, but instead of using the word for flour, I accidentally used the word for um….. Urine. XD The lady was laughing and laughing, and I never knew until I told Dad about it!

  1. What was hardest to adjust to?
  1. The lack of Christian fellowship. This is something I really took for granted when we lived in the US. 
  2. Language! Moving to a country where you know almost nothing of the language was pretty rough. Almost 5 years later, I’m not as fluent as I would have hoped, but at least I can communicate some. 
  1. Do you miss the US?

Yes I do, very much. However, it has gotten easier as the years have gone by. I’m really learning to trust God with where He has placed me. I still miss my friends a lot, but the Lord is teaching me to be content. 

  1. What’s the hardest thing about being a missionary kid?

Maybe the fact that most of my relationships are online based, since most of my friends live in the US, or other parts of Mexico. 

  1. What is the most rewarding?

Just being right where God has placed us. Also, I love seeing God working in other people’s lives. 

  1. What are your favorite things to do when you want to relax? 😛

Definitely doing art! There’s almost never a time when I don’t have some project or another going on! Next to that, it would be reading.

  1. What is your favorite time of year?

That’s a hard one. XD There are pros and cons to every time of year. I love summer. However in the summer electricity and internet are out almost more than they’re on, because of the rainy season. In the winter, at least we have electricity, but it’s SO cold, and I can’t say I really love the cold. All in all, I guess I’d have to say Summer because I love rain and thunder, even with the lack of internet. 😉 

  1. What is the climate like?

Well, I sort of touched on this in the last question. 😉 Spring is actually the hottest time of year, though it rarely even hits 100 degrees which is super nice, especially after living in Phoenix, Arizona! (Where it get to 120…) XD Summer is fun because it rains a lot and everything gets super green, which I totally love.  Fall is just fall, and then in Winter it get SUPER cold (at least for us, after living in AZ). It snows, although not much, and one of the sad things about Winter is that I always have to wear shoes… XD 

  1. What is something you want to say to other missionary kids?

I know it may be hard, but don’t get discouraged! It will get easier. When I accepted living here, and surrendered to God, I was a lot happier with my life. Even though it’s still hard sometimes, and I miss my friends, I’m happy. 

  1. What’s a fun fact that not many people know about you? 😉

   My sister Gracie and I are less than a year apart, and we are the same age for 12 days! 😀

Thank you again, Rosy! ❤ ❤


13 thoughts on “Life As A Missionary Kid {Guest Post}

  1. OH MY GOODNESS YOUR HAIR IS SO GORGEOUS!!😂 Seriously, I’ve wanted hair like yours all my life Rosy!

    Great post! I’d love to be a missionary, but not to anywhere in South America, though I can’t really say why. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would absolutely LOVE to go to Scotland or Ireland permanently, though that would hardly feel like I was far from home because I’m third generation Scottish,band dreamed of going “home” my entire life. But I would also be interested in going to Africa or China, just maybe not permanently.

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    1. Isn’t it?! Her hair is…*is suddenly speechless* ….so beautiful!
      That’s cool! My grandparents went to Scotland a few times and they loove it there!


      1. I know I LOVE her hair!

        That’s awesome! I’m hoping and praying that I can go with my church on a trip they’ve planned to Scotland for next year, but I gave a lot of saving up to do. I started this business to help with that:

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