Three H’s BrainStorm

It’s almost one on a Saturday morning. The house is silent except for the music that’s playing beside me and the gentle clanking of Ink and Dreamer running across the bars of their metal cage. It’s these times that make me feel alive. Headached head from way too much coffee. Droopy eyes because I’ve stayed up too late too many nights in a row. All darkness around me… besides the warm glow of my little lamp and the harsh glare of my computer screen. This is an introvert’s paradise.

All evening I’ve been trying to figure out what to post tomorrow (AKA, the moment that you get this in your inbox or see it in your Reader). I normally have posts written out in advance and several to choose from, but not today. Somewhere this week my inspiration for blogging got a blow to the head or something, ‘cause I’m just not finding a lot to say. I haven’t had this problem for like three months. *shrugs* Inspiration will return. It always does. It can just take a while.

Blog Brainstorming Session With Myself

Me #1 (aka Hperson): Guys, we should do a funny post! We could get a make a bunch of pictures and add funny captions and make people laugh!!! Making another human happy is the greatest gift that one person can give to another!

Me #2 (CynicalH): Life isn’t funny. Sure, life is depressing and boring but it is not funny.

Hperson: Life’s depressing?! C’mon! Look at all the beauty and happiness around you! OPEN YOUR LITTLE BROWN EYES AND SEEEEE!

CynicalH: I did. And I’m sticking to my conclusion.

CynicalH and Hperson glare at each other across the table.

Me #3 (NormalH): Uh, okay, you both have relevant points. Let’s just rule out funny. I’m not really feelin’ it anyway.

Hperson sighs and CynicalH grins smugly in triumph.

NormalH: Any other ideas?

CynicalH: We should write about how depressing life really is. Expose all of those life-is-great-and-there-is-no-sadness people for the liars that they are! People like you, Hperson! SQUASH HAPPINESS FOREVER!

NormalH: No!! We don’t want to kill happiness! It’s a good thing and a gift from God!

CynicalH: Hmph.

Hperson: What about a nice, upbeat post? We could talk about the three movies that we watched tonight and how good won over evil in all of them. I think there’s a life theme that we can find there. Good will always win over bad.

CynicalH: Not always.

NormalH coughs loudly and hopes to break the tension building in the room.

NormalH: Let’s just do another Random Life Update! Those are always fun to write!

CynicalH: We’re already doing them once a month. Per year, I’d say we’re doing it about twelve times too many.

Hperson: Yeah, I’d have to agree here. More than once a month and….eh, our poor readers will die of boredom.

NormalH: Hey, our life isn’t that boring.

CynicalH and Hperson exchange silent glances and shrugs.

NormalH: Oookay. Let’s do an instructional post!

CynicalH with a snort: What do we know how to do that the rest of the world doesn’t?

NormalH: *glares* So what’s your brilliant idea?

CynicalH shrugs again and tosses her stack of papers to the middle of the table.

CynicalH: I say we just give up on blogging all together.


NormalH: We’re not giving up our blog.  Hey! We could do a baking post! Do it with pictures and a recipe!

CynicalH: It’s way too late to get up and do that now. Besides, our camera doesn’t work well in the dark.

Hperson: We’d turn on the lights, silly.

NormalH: Can we get back to brainstorming?

CynicalH: We’re getting nowhere. This whole idea was worthless. I just want to go to bed.

Hperson: Maybe if you did, you’d wake up less crabby!

NormalH: Eh, doubt it. She’s always like this.

CynicalH: Yup.

Hperson grabs the phone and turns up the music.

Hperson: I love this song! It’s called Impossible but it’s all about DOING the impossible! Isn’t that what life is really about? Facing the next obstacle and turning it into an opportunity?!

CynicalH hits next and smiles as Worn comes on.

CynicalH: Now that’s more like it.

NormalH: Come on, guys. Stop it. Let’s just focus. Foooocuuuuus. Breathe deep. Think happy thoughts.

CynicalH: *rolls eyes* You two are really weird. I’m embarrassed to be seen around you. I’m going to bed.

CynicalH parades out of the room. The other two look at each other. NormalH grabs another cup of coffee and gulps it.

Hperson: What now?

NormalH: Headache medicine.

Hperson: Hu?

NormalH: My head’s going to explode if I keep drinking coffee.

Hperson: Then why’d you just drink another cup?!

NormalH: It was sitting right there! Besides, it helps me think better.

Hperson: You know, I think I’m just going to go to bed, too. Good luck on blogging.

NormalH is left alone with her computer. She sighs and randomly fiddles with the key. She finally closes the computer and curls up in bed.

End of brainstorming session with self.

*looks around and hears crickets* Uuuh. Okay. It wasn’t that weird, right?? I’m an introvert and introverts are not like the rest of the world….or maybe it’s just me that’s not like the rest of the world. XD

*falls into deep contemplation of life’s mysteries*

*realizes that I have to finish this before I go to bed*

*doesn’t even really want to go to bed*

I’d keep on rambling about nothing but I won’t put you through the misery. XD Seriously, this is what I’m like when I stay up late several nights in a row. *realizes I already said that up there* Eh, yeah. I’m just gonna go now. *waves, grins and throws confetti in your direction*


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