Random Life Update: May

MAY IS THE MONTH OF SPRING. And rain. Lots of rain. XD I go back and forth with my love for rain. Sometimes I want it to be cloudy/wet all the time. Other moments in my life, I just want to see the blue sky high above me. XD

I’m really tired at this moment. Why do so many of these life updates say that??? And why am I always so tired?! I stayed up really late last night because 1) two little pets of mine were running around their cage, making a lot of noise and 2) I was busy writing/reading. If you’re ever considering getting sugar gliders, they are nocturnal. And if you have their cage right in front of your bed, you’ll stay up too late watching the little white blobs running all over and climbing the sides of the cage.  XD

Mother’s Day was a lot of fun. Daddy and I made a lemon curd (sugar free) cheesecake that turned out pretty well.


It turned out to be a nice, warm day outside, so took a hike around the neighborhood (and I didn’t wear shoes and got blisters on my feet from the hot pavement. XD)

We watched a lot of movies this month. Especially ones about missing princesses.

I’m the person on the left, sucking on the spoon. 😣😟

We watched one called The Stolen Princess. No offense to the creators of it, but I really hated the ending. The story was about this actor who meets the princess (who is running away because she doesn’t want to get married, of course). They fall in love after being together for like five hours. She gets captured by this magician guy who is planning to steal the power of her “love” to replenish the power of his magical staff thingy. So Mr. Actor goes and rescues her. The story ends with him dying, getting better and then getting down on one knee and asking the princess to marry her. *coughs* She says yes. Of course.

I was thinking, “Uuuuh, seriously? You’ve spent less than a day with this guy. You know absolutely NOTHING about him! What’s gonna happen when those nice, warm , fuzzy feelings wear off and you realize that you’re married to a complete stranger?” It kind of made me want to write a short story about ‘after the happily-ever-after’. XD

We went to a couple discount stores over the month and lookie what gold I found there…..


TREASURES! The cinnamon sticks were less than 80 cents per container, the succulent was $1.99, the gum was less than a dollar a piece and all of that tea was like $4 total. *nods* It was great! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Also, guys, you HAVE to try eating cinnamon sticks! They’re SO good! I loved doing that when I was little. I also LOVED ground cinnamon so much. Due to a disgusting experience which is too gross to write about at this moment, I no longer love ground cinnamon. But chewing on the sticks…*heart eyes* Ah.

Beyond that, I’ve been getting into a routine of playing with/caring for Ink and Dreamer. While they’re sleeping in the day, I carry them around with me. Then at night, when they wake up, I’ll feed them and play with them. And yes, they still go to the bathroom on me almost every time I play with them.  Dreamer is warming up to me A TON. She’s getting less shy and really coming out of her shell more. She’s so tiny and fits so perfectly in my hand. *goes off into starry eyed wonder for a moment*. XD


And yes, that is Ink. I should have put a picture of Dreamer here ’cause I was just talkin’ about her. 🙂

This is what my story writing has looked like lately….


XD XD Anybody else feel like that, or am I the only one?

*goes off onto a totally different ramble*

I made deep dish pizza for the first time a week ago. It turned out….uh, I’m not sure. I doubled the recipe because we’re a big family with several children who eat large amounts at a time, but I should have just made one batch. We ended up eating it for like a week. XD Baruch, who didn’t like the way it looked, refused to try it the first night, and he’s the person who eats the most here, so by the end of the night, there were still two pans full of it. DX

And for my final point….Yoveil Cuteness!!!

Yoveil, while eating ice cream: I think it froze my heart!

Jehosheba, after a pause: oh, you watched Frozen, didn’t you?

Yoveil: yeah. But I can still breathe!

Jehosheba: will your hair turn white?

Yoveil, with a shrug: I don’t know.

Nahum: it will when you’re an old lady!


Yoveil found a bunch of snails when we were taking a walk around the neighborhood. It had rained and they were all over the sidewalks. She was saving them all and making sure that no one stepped on them or hurt them in any way. When we were close to home, one happened to be squished. She burst into tears and sobbed all the way back. So we made a memorial paper to all the squished snails and put it in our bedroom window for all of them to see. 😉

So cute!

And so ends another terribly random post with absolutely no point or direction.

Until next time, friends!

~The Weirdest H

How was your Mother’s Day? Have you ever made deep dish pizza? What are your thoughts on the ‘happily-ever-after’ typically displayed in fairy tales? Have you found good discounts on fun things in stores? What is your favorite type of cheese? (Yes, that was random because I am random and my blog is an extension of me. XD

21 thoughts on “Random Life Update: May

  1. I loved it! And the snails: I AM YOVEIL.
    And your writing process reminds me of the roller coaster of being a creative! So relatable and utterly frustrating!
    And then it’s not and… *heart eyes*
    All our love for all your fam!

    P.s. your new babies are so cute!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Snails are cute! 🙂 It’s great to know that there are adults who care about animals and bugs! 😍🤗
      Yuuup. Writing and creativity. *shakes head* They’re wildly inspiring anterriblyly frustrating at times.
      Aw, thanks! I love ’em too!


  2. AW, I loved this post so much!!!!! The sugar free cheese cake looks delicious, and Yoviel is ADORABLE! 😍 Poor girl. Your writing meme things are SO relatable xD 🙄WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You listen to Simon Khorolskiy to?!?! I didn’t know any one else listened to his music! XD I LOVE hearing the Russian songs ❤️ What’s your favorite by him? 🙂
    I love you so much, girl! 💕 💝 💖
    ・❤️ 🇲🇽 ➜ 🇺🇸・


    1. Aw, thanks Rosy!! ❤ The cheese cake was great! 😋
      Haha! I'm glad I'm not the only one then who can relate. *SCREAMS BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE THAT YOU LISTEN TO SIMON KHOROLSKIY* REALLY?! Ah! That is so great!!! His songs are GREAT! Let's see, my favorite is New Heaven or The Mighty Have Fallen. *smiles* They're great!
      Aw, you too. Love you tons. 😘❤💖💕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You think this post is random? XD I’m Queen Random for a reason!!! Also: YOVEIL IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna steal her. XD Also I coulda eaten somma dat pizza!!! You should’ve sent it my way!!! XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Miss Queen Random. You are awesome. XD I love random and anyone else who is is my friend. ☺🤩
      Yeah, I should’ve….we all got sick and tired of it here. Next time. We should add that to the list of things to do when you visit. 😉


  4. You had many more interesting things happen last month than I did. 😄 Heeeyy! I’ve listened to Simon Khorolskiy, too! Oh, that story about the snails–that sounds so similar to what we did once! Back in Hungary, we (my siblings and I) had kept some small snails in an old ice cream container. It rained, and the container filled with water, and the snails died. We buried them behind our house and sang “Csiga Biga Gyere Ki”. 🙄 (I know.😒 Crazy. Right?) The Hungarian song had something to do (to the best of my memory) about these snails whose home was on fire. 🤔 Aaanway! Moving right along. Mother’s Day over here went well. When we still had cheese, I really liked cottage cheese. 😮😋 So Good! I didn’t like swiss cheese, but I liked the one without holes. (Sorry, I forgot the name. 😬) I used to REALLY like cheese and butter sandwiches.🧀+🧈=🥪 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah!! Really?? You’ve listened to Simon Khorolskiy, too?! That’s great!! What songs are your favorite?
      Aw! The snail story is sad and sweet! I remember once (here I go again with random stories XD) my sister and I caught frogs and we put them in a container until we could play with them again. Well….we forgot about them and they died. *sobs* I was SO devestated!
      Oooh yeah, those are great cheeses! Hmm, I’ve never had a cheese and butter sandwich! That’s a new thing to try! 😉


      1. I like the songs “Everything Has Its Time” (That’s what Google translator translated the Russian title into. 🤔) The song is derived from Ecc 12. There are two versions of the song, but I like the one that shows all his children best. I also like the country style version of “Wayfaring Stranger”, “Oh, If Forever”, “The ocean of God’s love”, “Mother’s Prayer”, and “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder” to name a few, but they’re all so good! Oh! and the one, “In the Chamber of Zion” is funny!
        XD Your frog story sounds a bit like a moth story of mine. XD Once, when I was probably five, I had gotten a bug collector, and I ended up catching a moth. I kept it in there, but the next day, I think, it was dead. I remember being so sad about that. Those were definitely my younger years. I don’t think I would get so broken-hearted about that these days. 😅
        But, yeah, you should definitely try that sandwich. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ooh yeah!! Those are awesome songs! *heart eyes*
          Aw, poor moth. XD I used to be a lot more sympathetic to bugs….especially misquitoes and ticks. Not anymore for those two. XD


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