Memorial Day Weekend – 2020

*doesn’t even remember who I am or why I’m sitting here* I’m majorly tired. I’ve stayed up really late for several nights in a row and my brain has stopped working, at least partially. It takes me like a minute to process/formulate a reasonable response to any question that anyone asks. XD


I hope you all had a great Memorial Day. We spent ours in Greenville, NC. We left Sunday afternoon (and I left my babies at home! *sobs* I was so worried about them but they were fine and happy). It was supposed to be a three hour drive, but the van started acting up (something that seems to happen on every trip we take…almost like a tradition) and we ended up being in the van for like six hours. We got to the hotel late and went to sleep.

The boys, Daddy, Yoveil and I went swimming in the pool the next morning. That was a lot of fun. I haven’t been swimming in forever!

We were planning to spend the day doing a bunch of stuff, but the van was still not working great. We stopped at a park and Daddy looked at it while some of us walked around. It was LOVELY and had so many beautiful flowers to photography. *smiles* I love flowers.


Who says that isn’t beautiful!?



I love that quote. It’s so true.




I love this! Not sure why but it’s cool.




We took the van to a repair shop and tried to figure out what to do from there ‘cause we didn’t have transportation.




You know you’re bored when you’re taking pictures of blue lines in the parking lot. XD


We walked to a grocery store and picked up a treat. 😋 Gotta love anything with chocolate! We ended up going back to the repair shop and sitting in the waiting room for like an hour. We finally left to try to catch a bus downtown, but before we did, they called us back. OUR VAN WAS FIXED! We headed downtown to get some food and walk around. The combination of the holiday + the precautions set in place due to the virus made it so that a lot of the places were closed by the time we got there. *sobs*


Nahum and Dovid

After walking around looking for food, we finally came to a candy shop and got some treats there.


Yoveil, who had spent the past long time sobbing because she was hungry and tired, said, “Hada!! The chocolate gave me energy! I can walk and run now!!”

We did a scavenger hunt for nine little mice hiding on the Main Street. We found all but one!


Aren’t they cute?????


Haha! That is SO true!!! Sweets are a necessity anytime people get together.



Baruch and Yoveil loved climbing on this guy. XD Mama and I took a ton of pictures of them on there! *grins*




We stopped at a little shop for another treat and this little thing was sitting on the table. Me, being obsessed with flowers, had to take pictures. XD




It started POURING down rain as we were heading back to the van.


Yoveil + fountains/water = love at first sight. XD

We grabbed burgers at a cute little restaurant and then started home. *sobs*😥😣😓😖😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 The drive back was great. AIO playing in the background, almost asleep, darkness outside….who would ever want that to end? Who would ever want to go back home??? Honestly, I don’t dread going home as much now as I have at previous places, but I’d still rather be away. I’ve never been homesick at all. I love traveling, seeing new places, eating new foods and making memories.

We got back late. I was glad to see that Ink and Dreamer were happily running around their cage (I made them freeze when I suddenly interrupted their awakeness by turning on the bright light. XD).


Did you have a good Memorial Day? What was your favorite part? Any traditions? Do you like chocolate?

29 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend – 2020

  1. That trip sounds like fun! I love family trips! We don’t have any traditions for Memorial Day, but I had a good day all the same. 😄

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    1. Thanks! Really? Wow, it’s weird thinking that it’s been so long since we saw you!! ❤ I know Jehosheba is wanting to get together again sometime. She keeps telling me about the perfect day you guys are planning and all of the fun stuff you'll do!! 🙂


    1. Swimming was fun….well, technically, it was me splashing around in the three foot area with my brothers. XD They had the deeper part blocked off….which was fine ’cause I can’t swim! XD Water play is so much though!

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        1. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one. 😉
          Well….I’m paranoid about floating and can’t relax enough to be able to do it. I’m always worried that a sibling (little bros especiallly) will come by and jump on top of me or dunk me. XD

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