Musings of a Failed Writer

I love writing and creating stories. Ever since I was five or six, I’ve enjoyed it. My stories used to be about chickens, saving abandoned babies, and camping. When I was eleven (after being inspired by Narnia), I created my own world named Mendolop. The heroes (me and my siblings) fought angry red dragons and huge frogs with the help of a chicken named Tatato and a pony. And, of course, David (who married Jehosheba) had a magical sword.  *coughs* My writing has improved drastically since then thankfully. If it hadn’t, I would be very mad at myself and probably would have quit….XD

Last year, I almost gave up on writing. In fact, I told myself half a dozen times, “I am done, done, done writing stories.” I was discouraged at my lack of ‘inspiration’ and that I wasn’t able to finish any of the stories I started. Pretty much everyone I knew at the time was an amazing writer. My stories didn’t compare. So why write at all?

Try as I might, I couldn’t stop writing. 2019 was filled with a lot of depressing poetry-that-isn’t-poetry-and-doesn’t-have-a-category and random short stories. Each time I threw a story away, each time I gave up on an idea, each time I vowed never to write again, I always found myself back at my computer, typing away again.

Writing is a part of me. It’s engrained in me. It’s how I make sense of life. It gives me hope that things do get better. I may be terrible at it, but who says that has to stop me? Practicing, working hard and not giving up will pay off and one day, maybe, just maybe, I’ll write something that I’m proud of.

My goal in life is not to become an author. I don’t believe that is my calling. But I love writing and I’m not going to give it up. I’ll keep writing one more word, one more sentence. Because word by word, we can create anything.


If you want to laugh at Younger Me, I’ve put together a page of random old stories that I wrote in my younger days. XD Have fun at my expense. XD

20 thoughts on “Musings of a Failed Writer

  1. Don’t worry, Hattush. You’re not alone. *shakes head vigorously* When I was around 4,5,6, I wrote some pretty weird stories, myself. One was about “Once upon a time, there lived this girl. Her name was Lily. And she was ten…One day, Lily was walking on the sidewalk, and she met a boy. And the boy said, Can I marry you? And she said, Yes. So they got married and had a baby. Her name was Sarah.” That is the height of absurdity! 😒 I have many more like that. And, you know what? back then, I was pretty stinkn’ happy with myself for writing those great stories!

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    1. Aw, that’s a cute little story! I have quite a few along those lines, too. Babies and marriage were common themes in my writing. XD Do you write much now?


      1. Haha! XD No, I don’t write much these days. The last “sensible” story I finished was from maybe 4 or 5 years ago. The main jist of it was that there was a boy (Riley Garfield) whose father was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver (Bart Sims), and Riley was crippled. He couldn’t bring himself to forgive Bart despite the verse that says if you do not forgive men their sins, your heavenly Father will not forgive you. Several people, independent of each other, quoted that verse to him and tried to get him to realize that he needs to forgive, but he didn’t know how to after the mess the drunkard made of his life. However, when the niece (Wendy) and nephew (Phillip) of Bart ran away from their uncle and ended up coming to the Garfield’s house, Riley found that his unforgiveness and bitterness was not helping him be a light to the guests; in fact, it was doing the opposite. He finally gave his will to God, and chose to go to Bart’s house and forgive him face-to-face. After that, Wendy and Phillip saw what was different in Riley’s life and decided they wanted Jesus, too. When Riley forgave the drunken man, Bart also got saved and started a new life in Christ.
        It has some glitches in it that don’t really make too much sense, but overall, it’s one of the best books I’ve finished. Maybe, if you’d like, I could send it to you using the email address from the art contest. (??)

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  2. I started writing since I was 9 Ik how hard it can be, Don’t ever give up!! You can do it!! At one point i didn’t write for a whole year, yea that was sad but now i can’t stop writing again

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  3. Ugh, yeah I get ya. I enjoy writing *sometimes* XD but I feel terrible at it. I really want to write more, but I’m so busy doing other stuff that I enjoy more. I used to consider myself a “writer” but now not really…. Idk. I’m really good at it, but I enjoy it when I actually do it! 🙂 When I wrote though, it’s usually blogging or emails XD THat’s fine tho, I don’t have to be a perfect writer. 🙂
    So anyways, after that long rambling paragraph that probably didn’t make sense…… XD Don’t give up, Hattush! I love your writings, and I love you!!

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