Ink & Dreamer

GUUUUUYS GUEEEEES WHHHHHHATT?!!!!!!!!! Can you tell by my use of capital letters and way too many !’s that I’m excited?







I GOT PETS!!! *CHEERS* Last Saturday, we brought home my new babies. 😉 I’d been looking at pets for a while and ended up trying to decide between a hypoallergenic dog, a dwarf rabbit or a sugar glider. I ended up picking sugar gliders. Besides being adorable and tiny (remember my obsession with tiny things??), they have such sweet personalities!

I got two sugar gliders – a male and a female. ❤ And I FINALLY decided on names. (It takes me forever to name things ’cause I’m always looking for the perfect name and never finding it. XD It takes me FOREVER to name my characters…😒) I’ve decided to name the male Ink (short for inquisitive because he is SOOOOO curious about everything) and the female Dreamer ’cause I looooove that name.

Yesterday I had a little photoshoot with them. (They were not happy to be woken up b/c they’re nocturnal. XD But they were cute after they got un-sleepy.)

Dreamer peaking out of my fingers
DON’T YOU LOVE THEIR EYEEEES?! SO ROUND AND SYMMETRICAL! (I have this thing with symmetry…)


I love both of them and it is interesting to see their different personalities. Ink, like I said, is so crazy curious. He’s warming up to me a lot faster than Dreamer, but I looove Dreamer. (I may be unexplainably drawn towards weak, scared, lonely, sad, unique or otherwise different things. XD) I think it’ll take her a lot longer to not be scared of me and to trust me, and I respect that. I can see myself in that. XD Anyway, they are both so sweet and I love them. 😉



What do you think of Dreamer and Ink? Have you ever heard of sugar gliders? Which of the two do you like better? What is your dream pet?

41 thoughts on “Ink & Dreamer

  1. They are both so cute! I don’t think I had ever heard of them before. If I ever got a pet, I would want either a kitten, puppy, or gerbil. 😁

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      1. Yeah! Also a baby rabbit would be on my list, too. Of course, if we lived on a farm, I’d want a lamb. But, I can’t have everything! 😄

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  2. So cuteeee! I’ve actually held suger gliders bc because one of my friends has some! And their feet feel so weird! Also from the pictures it looked like Ink was completely white… isn’t that ironic? A white sugar glider called ink😂👌🏻 and for my dream pet…. well I really want both a lion fish and dwarf frogs one day.

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    1. Aw, really? Yes, there feet feel so weird! Like tiny hands gripping your skin! 😍
      I know, I love the irony of Ink being fully white. XD My little brother was like, “Uh, Hattush, he’s not black, if you hadn’t noticed.” XD
      Ooh, neat! I’ve seen those dwarf frogs and they are so cute!!


    1. I agree! Sugar gliders live 12-15 years. ❤ Mine are full size, I believe. They're pretty small animals. They only weigh a few ounces when full grown.


      1. They live a long time! Do they like being handled and all that? I have guinea pigs and they don’t mind being held sometimes but I have had pets that don’t want to be bothered and to me that is no fun.

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