Characters in Quarentine

I’ve seen a couple other writers/bloggers do posts about how their characters would react if they were quarantined. Me, being the not-big-on-conformity person that I am, decided to follow suit and do the same. *laughs*

So, how would four of my characters act if they were stuck at home for a month? Let’s see, shall we?

Mark Wild

“…and for the last piece to my creation…”

Mark was lying stomach down on his bedroom floor. One hand was holding a large magnifying glass and the other was using tweezers to attach a tiny piece of superglue coated wood to a model plane. He’d been working on this plane non-stop for two weeks and he was finally one step away from being finished. He could almost hear the people cheering and chanting his name.

“Mark! Mark! Mark!”

“Expert plane creator!”

“Perfect mini replicas of the real thing!”

“They actually fly!”

He smiled proudly and took the liberty of adding this last piece slowly and in a drawn out, triumphant process.

And then disaster struck.

Actually, it was Kris, who was walking past his room with an armful of junk, on her way to the garage. She tripped and the stuff went flying. A small chunk of metal slammed against Mark’s closed door. The noise caused him to jump. For a moment, everything went in slow motion. The tweezers fell forcefully from his hand, slashing a giant hole in one of the delectate wings. The magnifying glass fell and landed with a thud, right on top of his hard work. Mark stared. Exactly what just happened?!

He examined his beloved model for a moment, before bursting into manly sobs – a lone tear slipping down his pale little cheek. He sighed, and set to work salvaging his plane. Again. Why did he have a sense of déjà vu about this whole thing?



Tick-tock-tick-tock. Why wouldn’t that clock stop making such an annoying noise? The least it could do would be to go a little faster. Or a lot faster.

DreamWisher634 paced in front of two small windows, wondering why they couldn’t let in more light. There was nothing worse than being stuck inside while grey clouds poured rain down upon an already miserable world.

“Hey, Dream, I’m starting the fifth season of Call the Midwife? You wanna watch?”

Dream plopped down on the worn couch, beside her roommate and cradled her head between her white arms.

“This is driving me insane, Cassia.” She tugged at her short, cobalt-blue hair. “I cannot stay in this tiny apartment one more day!”

Cassia pulled her hoodie tighter around her head and contentedly munched a bag of Doritos. “I really don’t see what’s so bad about it. Beyond our little money problem, we’re doing great!”

Dream had resumed her pacing. Her nearly transparent wings fluttered gently, blowing over-due bills off of a crowded side-table. “Doing great?! How can you even say that?! I’m wilting, withering, dying, melting, expiring –”

“Yeah, Dream, I know. Being stuck here is terrible and you’re miserable. Got it. We’ve already had this conversation fifteen times.”

“But I’ve been stuck in this room for like – forever!”

Cassia fiddled with the remote. “It’s only been three days.”

“I’m stifling!” Dream cried, stomping her small feet on the dirty carpet. “I’m a DreamWisher, Cassia! You have no idea what that feels like. I should be free to fly and dance and meet people and…and not be confined somewhere like this.”

Cassia started her TV show and grabbed another bag of chips and a quart of cookie dough ice cream. “Hey, at least you have me. Imagine how lonely you’d be if you were all alone.

The last two words made Dream shudder. That was a fate worse than death. She sat down on the windowsill and wrapped her wings tightly around her thin body.

Tick-tock-tick-tock. A constant reminder of the slow death, away from humanity, that she was enduring. Agr! That clock had to go.

Scarlet Martin

“Scar?” Someone was yanking on her eyes and sticking his fingers up her nose. “SCAAAAR! Wake up! I’m bored? You wanna do something? Let’s go on a walk! Or you could make cookies. Or maybe –”

Scarlet ran a hand over her eyes. “Go. Away. Rowan. It’s six-thirty in the morning and I want to sleep.”

“But I’m BOOORED!” Rowan wailed, throwing himself down on her carpeted floor. “At least find a movie for me to watch. Mom said that I couldn’t touch the remote anymore. Not since that night that I…” It was too painful to think about.

“Go watch If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” Scarlet mumbled, shoving her head under her pillow again.

“That’s a kids show! I’m not a kid! I’m a man now!”

“You’re ten. Go away.”

Rowan reluctantly exited the room and Scarlet fell back into a deep sleep.

12:30 PM

Scarlet’s stomach woke her up. It was growling profusely and chastising her for neglecting to feed it. She yawned, stretched and headed towards the kitchen. After grabbing a big bowl of leftover chocolate pudding, she plopped down on the couch next to Rowan and started her favorite movie. Again. She smiled contentedly.

“This is the life, bro. We’ve got it good.”

“Uh hu.” Rowan frowned. “Real good.”



CViper3 wrote furiously on a large, yellow legal pad. The only light in his dark, damp room was a tiny lamp sitting on his cluttered desk. It’s light was cold and hard, only adding to the eeriness of this place he called home.

I can’t rest until I find out where DW634 is hiding!

His head hurt. He thumbed through stacks of photos, notes and printed papers, and groaned. He rubbed the back of his sore neck and flipped on the radio as a momentary relief from his work.

“…and due to the continued rise of Covid-19, we advise everyone to stay home. Don’t leave unless it is absolutely necessary. Self-quarantining is essential to stopping the spread of this virus.”

CViper3 blinked. Since when had these strange humans made that decision? In fact, why was this the first he’d even heard of the coronavirus? He shrugged and folded his torn butterfly-like wings. It didn’t matter anyway. He turned back to his notes and reread the section that he had just finished, before resuming his hurried scribbling.


If you’re a writer, how would your characters react in a quarentine? Which of these characters do you relate most to while in quarentine?

10 thoughts on “Characters in Quarentine

  1. Great writing! I love reading your stories!
    I probably relate most to Kris, although not entirely. I clean house, do gardening, write on my blog. I am glad that I’m not stuck in one room with TV noise non-stop, though. That would probably drive me pretty crazy. I’m glad God has blessed us with a big enough house that I can almost always find a quiet spot.

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