New Hope {Guest Post}

Broken and hopeless
In this world full of sin –
Hopelessly yearning
For hope to begin.

Is there more to life
Than the hurting I see?
Hear my desperate voice.
Lord, answer my plea!

My God heard my voice,
Showered me with His love,
Sent eternal hope
Pouring from above.

Now I live for Him
With ev’rything I am.
I’ll glorify Him.
From me songs will stem.

About the author:

Macy Carpenter is a Christian young lady growing up in South-eastern Washington, where she lives with her brother, five sisters, and parents. Her hobbies are writing, card making, and photography. She also enjoys competing in the National Bible Bee each year. Macy is creative and social. She loves Jesus and wants to shine as a light for Him in everything she does.

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