Rainy Day Rambles

Well hello, people. It is a random rainy Sunday and I’m stuck inside with nothing to do. :/ So what do I do for entertainment? *nods* I blog. Or write up future blog posts (e.g. today). Or do random stuff related to my blog. XD

It’s almost one right now. I haven’t done much today….I got up, watch our church service online, had a pancake for lunch and then came up here to my beloved sanctuary (my room) to do absolutely nothing. But doing nothing for long periods of time gets real boring real fast. Hence, I’m writing boring blog posts. I actually have like six or seven other blog posts that are ready to be published, but I’d rather write a new one than hit that little blue button. XD I’ve been trying to stick to my schedule of posting every three days, but I’m just going to break that today because, hey, I want to. XD

Where I am at the moment is my idea of bliss. Me in my room. Me with a cup of nice, hot chia tea (and a stick of gum). Me with my earphones in, playing Plumb. You know, it is really amazing how you can put those itty bitty black things into your ears and then all other sounds go away and you’re left alone with blissful music. I really should use these things more often….XD I’m listening to the song Cage in the album Need You Now. It’s like the only album that I have downloaded to my computer, so I listen to it a lot. 😉

My sister is also in the room with me. She’s about 7ft away, typing on her computer. And listening to A Thousand Foot Krutch. We have very different tastes when it comes to music. She likes very loud, upbeat, fast music. In general, I don’t. We used to be opposites, though. She liked the quiet type of music and I didn’t. XD People change, I guess. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I’ll let you interpret that any way you want.


I stayed up late last night reading. I finished reading Flywheel and A Robertson Family Christmas. Both were good. I’ve recently gone on a book buying spree. XD I love books….XD I stay up way too late at night reading… Bad habit….sort of. XD

I’ve kind of been avoiding baking for the past couple weeks (with a few exceptions) but yesterday I made a flourless chocolate coffee cake and “nice cream” which was basically frozen bananas, coffee and chocolate frozen until it was like soft-serve ice cream. *heart eyes* I love chocolate. I think I love it too much, actually. XD If I had to pick one food to survive on for the rest of my life, it’d have to be chocolate. Or maybe potatoes. *laughs* Or salad. I am totally in love with salad. Lettuce + onions + peppers + tomatoes = best salad ever. *nods* Try it sometime.


*decides to change topics again* I’ve recently been writing a lot of flash fiction. It’s so fun to write. XD Here’s one that I wrote. It’s called Cardboard Façade.

Her lack of words and tear stained face cause my heart to tremble. I’ve told myself that I would be strong. I would be a stone; feeling nothing, wanting nothing, needing nothing. But the silence rings loud against my ears and the ache flies like an arrow through my armor, and pierces my vulnerable heart. It reminds me that I’m not a strong, not a stone. It’s just a façade. Just thin grey cardboard hiding a shaking human being. When it crumbles away into dust, I’m left open and exposed. Like a light in the middle of total blackness. I can’t hide anymore. I can’t stand up and face the pain either. I long for the false security of my cardboard façade.

*wonders what else I want to say* *decides not to talk about the weather*

Well, guys, it is Easter Sunday. Maybe I should have written a special blog post about that. *smiles* My friend Kaley challenged me to join her in reading the whole New Testament in a month. So I’ve read about the crucifixion and resurrection four times in a very short time. It’s amazing. God let himself die for us. He who was sinless allowed himself to bear the weight of our sin, our shame and our punishment. He died for us. If the story ended there, I believe that there would be a lot of hopelessness. But it didn’t. Jesus rose from the dead and is alive. He is risen. He is alive. And we have hope because of that.

backlit cemetery christianity clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Happy Easter, guys. Have a great day. Stay safe, stay warm and don’t forget what Jesus did for us.


What are you reading? What is your favorite part of Easter? Do you have any special traditions? What is your preference of music (me or Sis)? Do you ever write flash fiction?

11 thoughts on “Rainy Day Rambles

  1. 🤣I like both your music tastes! Yours is more similar to Jase’s, and Jehosheba is closer to Eli’s! He likes Skillet, Flyleaf, and both boys like NF and Flame (Christian rappers, though NF is a rather angry one, lol). For Easter we made Cowboy cookies, will do our resurrection eggs a bit later, read about Jesus, watched a theater production of Jesus (really good by the way!! You can watch it online, it’s through the millennium theater), and yummy dinner and campfire tonight! Hope you guys have a wonderful day celebrating our savior!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, cool. I’ve heard like one song by Flame and NF is one of the only rappers I like. XD Jehosheba loooves Skillet and Flyleaf. 🙂
      Aw, fun! That’s an awesome way to celebrate! ❤


    1. Haha, yes. Wow, that’s late. *nods* I try to not read TOO late on the weeknights (like, 11??XD), but on weekend I stay up way late. Awesome pillow! XD


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