Spring/Passover Photo Dump

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, so here I am. XD (It’s also been a while since I loaded all of the pictures from my camera onto the computer….I think I have like over three hundred? *bites nails*)

Anyway, it has been BEAUTIFUL here! Spring is a lovely time of year! *heart eyes* I’m sitting here at the computer, listening to my beloved music. 😉 This is great. I also have a tiny friend here, Mr. Tiny, who was enjoying looking at pictures of himself. XD (And dancing to the music).


Last week, we drove up here and took some pictures near sunset. 😉 I may be slightly addicted to taking pictures of water. XD I love that river down there!



I was so happy to see flowers blooming in our yard! I LOVE flowers and all of the natural colors and beauty.


I didn’t realize that green and purple could look so perfect together. XD


More purple. In general, I don’t love purple unless it is in its “natural state” XD (Although it used to be my very favorite color.)


*shrieks loudly* I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THESE YELLOW FLOWERS!!!!!!!! They’re all over the yard.


So many diverse colors.


Miss Pineapple. 😉






Mr. Cookie showing me his stick. 😉


Tiny with his mini stick. XD 😛


MATZAH FOR PASSOVER! *cheers* I don’t know about you, but I really love that stuff. XD It just tastes so good…..


Unleavened brownies for special dessert. 😉


And a rather flat pavlova. XD I haven’t made meringue in forever, so……XD


Getting the table ready for the Seder.


Our haggadah’s. 🙂


Fire is another thing that I’m addicted to photographing. XD



Our unique Seder plate. ❤


Breakfast the next morning. XD


More flowers.



The brave Mr. Tiny setting off on his grand adventure! *cue the band*

And that’s all, people. XD *realizes how many pictures I actually have here* Uh, whoops. Hope you all have a great Saturday!

~ Hattush

What was your favorite picture? What do you like about spring? Do you celebrate Passover?


34 thoughts on “Spring/Passover Photo Dump

  1. I’ve celebrated a Seder twice, I think. The first time was long enough ago that I don’t remember where I was living. The second time, I think a representative of Jews for Jesus came to our church. I wasn’t part of the organizational team, so I don’t know who did the cooking.
    Your Seder looks great! It must be amazingly special to celebrate it with your family like that!
    My favorite pic is of Tiny grinning with his stick. I also like the yellow flo flower against the dark green and the red, is it azaleas or rhododendron?

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  2. LOVE these photos!!! 😀

    Haha, you’re gonna wake up in the morning with a ton of comments from me 😂 Just so you know, I always read, and love your posts! It’s just taking me a while to comment. 😜 😁

    LOVE YOU! 😘 ❤️ 😘

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    1. Thanks! I love photographing fire, lol.
      We are technically reformed Presbyterian Christians (although trying to figure out what denomination we belong to is….a challenge XD) But we have always had a deep love for the Old Testament and Jewish things. We love celebrating the Jewish holidays, but in a way that reminds us that the Messiah has come already. ❤

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