Happy Passover!!!!

PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE! PASSOVER BEGINS AT SUNSET TONIGHT! *cheers and runs around the house in excitment*

Passover is the time where we remember how God brought Israel out of Egypt and showed His mighty hand through the ten devastating plagues.

traditional jewish matzo
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I love this time of year. I love celebrating Passover with my family. I have a ton of fond memories of this holiday, but the most unique one happened in 2012 when I was eight. At the time, we were doing an internship on a farm. I can’t remember exactly when we moved there, but I’m guessing that this happened not too long after we moved. Anyway, it was the day after we had had our Seder. We had pancakes for breakfast (with chocolate chips – that was special) and then my parents sent us kids outside to play while they cleaned up. I loved being outside and happily played on the swing set for a while before I was called back inside. When we came inside, however, all my happiness melted away.

Daddy said, with urgency in his voice, “We have to leave here very quickly. You can only take a couple things. Hurry!”

I started sobbing. I was scared and confused and I desperately did not want to leave my beloved chickens (that was back in the day when my life revolved around my darling pets). Within a few minutes, we were in the van driving away. I continued to cry as I waved goodbye to the farm. I cried and cried and hugged my bag of homemade stuffed animals until we got to the parking lot of Bass Pro.

Daddy explained that we would go back to the farm after a couple days but that we wanted to have a mini “exodus” and a tiny vacation. I was sooo relieved. XD We ended up having a really nice couple days. We went camping, shooting and ate a lot of s’mores. And I was so happy to go back home and feed my chickens. XD

ENJOY PASSOVER, PEOPLE! Read about the miracles and remember the amazing events that took place so many years ago.


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