Random Life Update: March Edition

*searches through journal entries from the past month* Ahem. I may have momentarily forgotten what we did during March. XD

Honestly, March has been the best month of 2020. Amidst all the fear of the coronavirus and days where I collapsed on my bed and wondered, “Is it bad that being happy seems like such hard work?”, I did laugh a lot and find a lot of hope.

Beginning of March:

March got off to a rocky start and I was afraid that it would continue in that path. It ended up turning out well, though.

It was around the beginning of March that I really started to hear about the coronavirus. God has given me a lot of peace about the virus. Normally, I would have been freaking out and just avoiding all of humanity. But I’m not. That kind of peace is God and God’s hand alone. There are times when I get scared but I’m trusting God in my fears. If we get the virus, He is still God. If we die, He is still God. If our worst fear comes true, He is still God.

Middle of March:

I did a lot of school. For one of my classes, I’m reading The Iliad. I’m about two-thirds of the way through. I’ve been amazed at how well the battle scenes keep my attention, even though I’ve been reading about battle for most of the book. *nods* Now I’m wondering how I can duplicate that in my own writing….XD

It finally got nice and warm and we were able to take some nice walks. The trees are budding and the grass is growing (yay for mowing!). Everything is very spring like here.

General piece of trivia about me: I used to hate spring. I think it was mainly because of all of the storms and tornados and we didn’t always live in places that had basements. *bites nails*

I wrote a lot of blog posts. I had a sudden inspiration for blogging. I also decided to post every three days instead of once every two days. So now I have tons of future blog posts written for later. XD  Every night when I’m trying to sleep, I’ll get all of these great blogging ideas (and then I wake up and can’t remember them. XD)

End of March:

We watched a lot of fun movies. 😉 It’s amazing how time flies when you’re watching interesting movies! I also got nine new books for my kindle. *smiles* (I have diverse reading interests. XD)


Yoveil was looking at a picture book and I was trying to finish a blog post.

Me: Baby, go see if we can watch a movie.

Yoveil laid down on the floor: I’m so tired. I need a rest. That was a big book.

A few seconds later, she got up and headed for the door.

Yoveil: I’m going to go ask about the movie now! And you don’t even have to do anything I want you to do!

Another fun thing that I did was to help my little brother start a WordPress blog. He’d had a blog on Blogspot for a while, but it wasn’t going anywhere, so we decided to create a blog dedicated to his favorite thing – food! XD You can find it here: https://thecookieblob.wordpress.com/

Thus ends March. 😉 🙂


What did you do this month? What are you looking forward to in April? Has spring come to you yet? What books are you reading? Do you do yard work?

25 thoughts on “Random Life Update: March Edition

  1. So many good questions to answer, I’m copying and pasting them. BTW I’m following your brother now. Cute blog. XD
    What did you do this month?
    Used Zoom, Talked across streets, heard some one I might know might have the virus. It’s pretty real for me. But I have hope. Oh, and I wrote a letter to youuuu!!!
    What are you looking forward to in April?
    Well it WAS going to be my sisters’ birthday party, Easter, and a conference, but my mom says she might as well put a big x over April. Canceled. Sadness. Oh wellie, I will have to make my own fun… and food, apparently.
    Has spring come to you yet?
    Yes. It came pretty early here, so storms could be worse. Oklahoma, y’all.
    What books are you reading?
    Uh Rush Revere for school and Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys. I love a good mystery.
    Do you do yard work?
    Uh thankfully no. I get sunburned, plus allergies, plus my arms are more like noodles than muscles, sooo.

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    1. Haha, I’m Queen of Questions. XD
      Mr. Cookie will be pleased to know that you’re following him. 😉 He’s been worried that no one will read his blog.
      *cries* that’s terrible (about the virus). Hey, does Zoom work for you? I’ve tried to use it before and I can’t get it to work well. :I
      Aw, sadness. *cries* Make your own fun, girl (and send me pictures 😉 )
      Haha, yeah. Last year I didn’t do any yard work at all (’cause we were living at a camp) and I didn’t really go outside, so now I’m like, “Hey, where did all my strength go??” XD

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  2. Ooh, so fun! That thing about Yoveil was so cute! 😄 Let’s see, what I did this month? Well, I don’t remember doing very many interesting things, to speak of. I haven’t really gone anywhere as we’ve been told to stay at home. I have, though started to knit something, as of two days ago.
    Hmm…I’m not looking forward to too much in April. 🤔
    Yes! Spring has started here, and I’m loving every bit of it! 😃
    I’m reading a book “The Dogs May Bark, But the Caravan Moves On”. It is about a missionary couple to Tibetan China. It’s interesting, so far.
    Oh yeah! We’ve got yard work, alright! 😲 We have big bushes between our property and the neighbor’s, along with bushes surrounding our house. We have to trim ALL of those, like every few weeks during the summer months! Then we’ve got monkey grass that grows like crazy ALL THE WAY around our house. That, of course needs weed-wacking every few weeks. We also have a (not vegetable) “garden” and a flower bed that needs weeding every month or so. Sooo, we have our work cut out for us. That’s one thing I DO NOT like about the summer. Especially when it’s SO hot!🥵

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    1. Yoveil is so cute. 😉 There are so many fun things that she does all the time. XD
      Neat! Knitting is a lot of fun! 🙂
      AHH! What’s your favorite part of spring?
      Oh wow. Do you enjoy yard work? How hot does it get for you?


      1. My favorite part of spring is the freshness in the air and the new life that comes with the season. (One year recently, we got to watch the beginnings of life for mockingbird babies(so cute!), from the time they were eggs to the time they left the nest and became fledglings. When they were still living in the nest, one of them went missing, and we ended up finding it on the grass near the tree. Thankfully, the tree was short, and my mom was able to get it back in the nest. Then they all lived happily ever after, and eventually left to make their own way in life. *Sniffs and wipes eyes* The story could have turned out a lot differently.) *Looks at the parenthetical story I just told and realizes it went way longer than it should’ve 😬*
        I also like when it’s warm; not too warm, but just the right temperature.
        No! I don’t really enjoy yard work. Weeding is probably the best job out of all of them, because there’s no loud equipment, and no cords getting in the way that you have to tow around. ☺️

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  3. I LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!!! I haven’t read all of them, but I recognize almost all of them!! Good choices!!
    March has been pretty boring. But we celebrated Rachel 19th birthday on the 18th!! That was a lot of fun!
    I am looking forward to April! Easter, Momma’s birthday, and some fun National so-and-so days!
    Spring hasn’t come yet, but I feel like it’s just around the corner. So we haven’t done a ton of yard work yet!
    I just finished Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, which was an AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!!!

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      1. It was about the plot that Guy Fawkes had to blow up the Parliament . . . well . . . it’s historical fiction, and fantasy. It’s really good though! I sent you the cover.

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  4. That looks like a lot of good books! I love reading Priscilla Schirer’s writing!
    Spring is here, too! My husband just mowed the grass for the first time this season over the weekend. I’ve been pulling so many weeds in the garden that I feel like an old lady trying to straighten up and stand up straight afterwards! 😆
    Most of the interesting stuff I’ve done in March is on my blog, so you’ve probably already read it! 😁
    I’m glad you don’t dislike Spring anymore. It’s such a beautiful time! And our same God who is with us through COVID-19 is also with us through the storms! He is awesome in power and great in His love for us!

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    1. Yees! I’ve really enjoyed Prascilla Schirer’s books. What is your favorite?
      Haha! What do you have in your garden (besides weeds 😉 )
      Yes, so true. ❤ He is with us through every trial that we face.


      1. I LOVED “He Speaks to me”!! I did it as a Bible study with video messages to go with it.
        And did I mention I LOVED it?! 😁
        In the garden I have strawberry plants (It’s too early for fruit), asparagus, raspberries, garlic, oregano, and mint. I haven’t planted anything new yet; I have to get the weeds out first….
        Praise God for His constant, faithful Presence with us!

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        1. Neat! I’ll have to check it out! (I looove finding new books and writings!)
          Yuum! Do your strawberry plants grow well? In the past, we’ve tried but the birds always ate the fruit RIGHT when it was ripe. :I


          1. Yes, they grow well. We occasionally have what may be a bird sample a couple of the best strawberries, but whatever it is leaves us most of them. I think they find the best ones because they are more visible. I allow the plants to get a little too overcrowded, which makes it harder for both me and the birds to find the berries. Perhaps it’s not such a bad tradeoff. 😊

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