Covid-19: Fight With The Five {Guest Post}

Everywhere you look, there’s some sign or person saying “do the five”. It’s part of this time. Some think it’ll blow over and others think it’s the end of the world. No matter where you fall, three words probably ring in your ears. “Do the five”. Well, don’t hate me, but here’s another five ways to fight COVID-19.

  1. Pray. Prayer wins, whether we feel the effects or not. God has a plan, and He cares about what you care about.
  2. Read the Bible. There is no better remedy than reading the soothing, healing, amazing and rich word of God. Especially book like Philippians and Esther.
  3. Spread the gospel. Even just leaving tracts around or notes with a verse can plant a seed in their heart that someone else could reap later.
  4. Be a light. Rejoice in the Lord for everything you can, and praise Him for His plan. No matter what, praising is the greatest war tactic against the stratagems of the devil.
  5. Give. There are so many people in need of help right now. You can help them. The Lord will provide for you if you give others your best and trust Him.

Remember, these five are just as important, because they heal the heart and mind from the corruption, worry, and fear of this time. Please do the five and post how you did each of them. Share the five with others. These five can change lives!

Do the Five blog challenge:

  1. Do the five and write down how you did it.
  2. Share the five and what you did on your blog
  3. Challenge five more people to do it.
  4. Pray for those five people.
  5. Watch out for other five posts

I don’t expect a lot of answers or people to take the challenge, but this is another strategy of Satan to bring us into fear and doubt. We must fight with every weapon we have, and recruit others. COVID-19 is being compared to World War 2, and in a way, it’s World War 3. Satan vs. Christ Jesus our Lord. Please join the fight today!

About Kaley Kriesel
Hi, I’m a crazy lover of Jesus in Oklahoma, and I want to spread His love and joy! I’m a teen who’s second love is family and third loves are friends, writing, reading, singing, and creating!

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