One Who Doesn’t Change

I’ve been looking through my old blog posts, in an attempt to get inspired to blog. I’ve started at least three different blog posts and then deleted them because THEY DON’T WORK. *growls* I want to do a “fun” blog post but nothin’ is a’coming to me. :/ I know what you’re thinking….Is HATTUSH, blogging obsessed weirdo, really uninspired to write anything right now?!!!! What happened?!!!!

In answer to your question, reader, nothing happened. At all. Life is life. I get up each morning. I do school. I eat. I read. I write. (I babysit). I drink tea. I stay up too late. Sometimes I’m overflowing with blogging ideas, and other times, that faucet gets turned off and I can’t write to save my life. *shrugs* And I guess that’s okay. Nothing in life is constant and non-changing. Except God. And honestly, that’s a huge comfort.

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Life is terribly unpredictable. One day everything is fine and the next it totally isn’t and you find yourself curled up in a ball, crying your eyes out. And in those times, it is so important to know that God NEVER CHANGES. His love doesn’t change. His character doesn’t change. His justice and mercy don’t change. We can hold onto Him confidently because He will not slip away in the dark of night or abandon us in our time of need. Like a good father, He protects us, loves us and does what is best for us. And sometimes that includes punishing us. But, can I say this, He doesn’t punish us out of anger or because He likes to see us suffer and hurt. He punishes us because we need it and because it is what is best for us. And I can finally see that. If you’d have asked me that a few months ago, I would have crossed my arms, shook my head and said, “Yeah, sure. That’s what everyone says.” But, I’ll take the risk of offending people like me, and say, guys, it’s true. We need to be punished. We need to see the error of our ways. Seriously. Because if we don’t, we are headed for a lot of pain and a lot of heartbreak.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was that through everything – sunshine and rain, clouds and blue sky – God does not change. Our circumstances do, we do, and life does, but God is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER.


8 thoughts on “One Who Doesn’t Change

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was AMAZING, Hattush! Such a message – and one I definitely needed to hear today! In a constantly changing world, Jesus IS the our anchor, the One – and only One – we can depend on ALL. THE. TIME. I loved this!! Thank you SO much for sharing!

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  2. Amen! Yes, Hattush, that is so true! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Heb 13:8) Thank you for sharing this! 😘❤ God bless!

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