Photography Contest Sign-Ups!

GUYS!! IT IS FINALLY HERE! Jehosheba & Averey’s photography contest!!!!!! *cheers* IF YOU LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, HEAD OVER TO THEIR BLOG AND SIGN UP!!!!!!!

The Providential Blogger

Okay, to begin with, THANK ALL OF YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! It took quite a while for us to reach our goal, but we finally did!

Moving on to the contest:

Jehosheba and I decided on a photography contest, and, as neither of us is that great at photography *ahem* don’t expect professional judging. We will go by what we like and what catches our eye as a beautiful and creative photo.

Here’s how it will go.

We will give one prompt a week for something to take a picture of, and as you all turn in your photos, we will judge it. You can post the photo on your blog or you can email it to me. Once everyone who wants to enter has entered, and you only have one week to enter, I will post the first prompt. The next week, Jehosheba will post that week’s prompt…

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