Random Life Update: February Edition

Hello hello hello, O My People. What’s up? Just to forewarn you, I’m going to be extremely crazy and weird in this post. For three reasons. #1: I was up extremely late last night and got up way earlier than I wanted to this morning. I am extremely brain fogged at the moment. It literally takes me like 30 seconds before I process what someone said to me…. #2: I’ve had way too much sugar recently and my brain is suffering. Sugar + not enough water and real food = massive headache and weirdness. #3: I think I am genetically programed to be a weird human being. As much as I try to change that fact, I can’t.

So, what’s been going on here lately?


I’m pleased to announce that we are pretty much moved in! If you ignore all the boxes that grace our garage right now, everything else is pretty much in place. We’re still slowly working on repainting the walls as well. But Jehosheba and I have our perfect sanctuary (our room) all set up. Ah, the perfect retreat.


I wrote a lot during February. I wrote 11,500 word story (which I was very pleased to finish XD). I also wrote four very depressing poems, and a VERY VERY tragic 1,000 word short story. *sobs onto computer keys*

A week or so ago, I bored out of my mind. I started trying to come up with a good story idea. I eventually did, and I spent the next few days writing out the basic plot and developing my characters (which was really fun and really frustrating at the same time). I finally started writing the first draft of the story. I decided to take the advice of my writing teacher (AKA Learn to Write the Novel Way book) and not writing “perfectly” the first time. (And yes, it was driving me crazy.) I made all of these notes about stuff that I needed to go back and fix. XD


So I worked on that for a little while and wrote like 7,000+ words, but the whole story was collapsing in on itself, so I decided to scrap the whole thing and start over completely….I’m still working on that. XD

Learn to Write the Novel Way was talking about how important it is to learn about your writing habits and where/when you write best. I’ve discovered mine. 😉 I write best one of two places. #1. At night, in my room, from 10:30 – 12 with holiday music going and my sisters doing random stuff around me. #2. In my room during the early evening (without lights), all alone with a cup of hot tea and holiday music. 🙂 Ah, bliss.


Ah yes. Art. My nemeses. 😛 We recently got some watercolor paints, and I gave them a try. *dies* Help me, people. Please.



Apart from the stuff I’ve had to read for school, I’ve read Passages by Paul McCusker, and I started I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp. 🙂 Oh, and Oliver Twist. My sister is reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and she’s making me want to read it now. 😛 (it sounds so sad….)

Miscellaneous news:

Other than the above things mentioned, I’ve listened to a ton of music, made a ton of baked goods, started running again, avoided my camera and worked on a lot of school. *nods* And watched a ton of movies. 😉 😛 And did a lot of babysitting. *laughs* Oh, I also started playing chess again. SO FUN!!! When I was 12 or 13, I played it a lot with all of the boys in my family. But, until this month, I hadn’t played it in forever. Anyway, I’m enjoying playing it again, but also MORTIFIED at my tragic lack of skill. *cries because I used to win so often but keep losing now* (yes, I am a very dramatic person.)


I’m sorry, guys. I need to go take a nap right now. My brain is seriously going to implode or something if I stay here any longer. I’m freeeeeezing and I wanna go curl up under my beloved weighted blanket. Hey, speaking of weighted blankets, does anybody else have one?? If you don’t, you should definitely look into getting one!!! Nana gave me one back in November and I have totally been in love. Basically, it’s a blanket with a glass beads inside of it….the one I have is 18 pounds, I believe, which is heavier than recommended for my weight, but I wouldn’t dream of getting a lighter one. It is so perfect to climb under. It feels so safe!!!! LOVE IT!

Okay, I’m really going to go sleep now. 😛 Goodnight and I will see you sometime soon (probably when my siblings drag me out of bed to laugh at my horrific failure in a game of chess…)


What have you done in February? Do you have any plans for March? Do you like chess? Do you sleep well? 😛 Writers: what have you written this month? Artists: favorite art project of February? Everyone else: HOW CAN I WIN AT CHESS?!

28 thoughts on “Random Life Update: February Edition

  1. Love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!! your artwork is SOOOO pretty, girl!!! I totally LOVE the one you painted of me, and the one of Cailyn is amazing too! (SEE, I recognized it, so that means you’re good!) I don’t think I could do that good at people! 🙂
    Woah, an 11,500 word story?! *has new respect for you as a writer* ;P XD 😉
    Plans for March…. Well, my grandparents are coming for a few days, from CO! Looking forward to that! I do like chess, sometimes, when I’m in the mood. 😉 not good at it tho! And… I have a problem with sleeping well, lol! I’m always awake for hours before I fall asleep. THERE’S SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT!!!!! XD
    Awesome post, girl! How has your day been? 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thanks, Rosy! Hehe, glad you could recognize her! I totally messed up the faces though. 😫
      Ooh fun!!! Grandparent visits are the greatest!!!! When in March are they coming?
      I KNOW!!! There is always soooo much to think about at the end of a day and I just lay awake way too long….
      My day was pretty fun actually! We just got home! Spent most of the day out and about. 🙃How was yours?


  2. Weeeeeelllllll… March I have a four day trip to Mississippi with my youth group. And the rest of my family isn’t going so that’s scary/exciting.

    I like chess and checkers but I’m not great at either compared to my sister. Although I beat the expert level in a computer round of checkers… it was soooooo hard!!! The trick is being willing to give up a few peices in order to get their peices. They think they have you but… they don’t!!!

    Sleep. Ah, let’s just say that I don’t sleep as well as my sisters do. And I have a weighted blanket as well! It’s so hard to get up in the morning with those things!!!

    Writing. I’ve totally done a lot of that this month. *nods* But it helps that I um haven’t been on my computer. At all. I wrote one essay for school. But art is going pretty good. Well, for me. Thanks to y’all I did a lot more drawing this month than I had in a while.

    So by the way, Hattush, you are not dramatic what so EVER compared to me. I’m like hand-on-forehead-falls-backwards-dramatic. So yeah… XD

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    1. Oooh! Wowie! *wishes the best of times upon you* Lemme know how it goes!!

      Ah….yeah. I like playing chess on the computer ’cause I can actually win. XD With everyone else…nope. 😦 I used to be a checkers champion, but I’m guessing that I lost that skill, too….


      *smiles encouragingly* Yup! Keep up the good work!

      Haha! You know, we really should get together and form an over-dramatic-friendship-group of something. XD XD


  3. That’s SO cool that you did pictures of your friends! I knew who they were! 😛 They were really good!!!! Hmm . . . what have we done in February? Snow days! A birthday! The regular stuff like school, babysitting, work, etc. Skating! And appointments too. Plans for March? We have another birthday, my parents’ wedding anniversary, skating, more appointments, the regular stuff (winks), meetings . . . and I think that’s it . . . (taps chin) I’ve never played chess, so I can’t give you much help. And I do sleep well! I would make my mom worried because I am a deep sleeper, so when she would try to wake me up, I wouldn’t wake up. (laughs) There’s some nights I stay up because of various reasons (not willingly), and there’s some nights I don’t sleep that well, but usually I’m totally out of it! Ooo . . . writing. Yeah, um . . . not much is happening there. Though I honestly don’t consider myself a fiction writer. Non fiction is my thing, but I still try. I finished a short story, but Guardians is still my project. That I really need to work on. And I’m not. I actually have Jehosheba’s 36 page letter to finish, so . . . better do THAT first!! And I don’t have any art projects going. (shakes head) Wow, that’s really long. (looks at comment)

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    1. I’m glad you could recognize them! *smiles*

      Fuuuun! I kinda miss a lot of snow. What types of things do you like to do on snow days?
      Wow, you were busy during Feb.! Do you like busy months?

      Whoa. I wish I could sleep like that! *dreamy sigh* I’ve always been a terrible light sleeper….

      You’re a great non-fiction writer, Lydia. And also, from what Jehosheba has told me, you’re a pretty good fiction writer, too. 🙂
      *SCREAMS* THIRTY-SIX PAGE LONG LETTER?!!!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY. Whoa. I’ve had pen pals for years and never written THAT long of a letter!!!

      Hehe, I love long comments! 😉 🙂


      1. On snow days we spend A LOT of time outside. Sledding, running around in the woods, snowball fights . . . the whole package.
        Yes! I like busy! I’d rather be super busy than have no where to go and nothing to do. It’s just boring, and I like to run around! (laughs)
        Ha ha!
        Awww . . . thank you so much. ❤ I could share my short story with you. I'm planning to give it to Jehosheba too.
        Ha ha! Yeah. We find a lot to talk about, I guess.

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  4. Interesting post! and–oh! those pictures you painted! I couldn’t water-color-paint that well. I’ve tried at a few *ahem* failed attempts. They ended up looking more like 😒 kindergartners’ paintings, rather than what I would have LIKED for them to turn out as. 😂 Aaanyway. A birthday and my parents’ anniversary happened in February, some snow also popped in for about a day, and another birthday will be happening in March. Ooh. 🤔 Other than that, my life hasn’t been too exciting these days. 🙄 *cries* 😢 I sleep pretty well most nights, but those nights I lay awake for hours, ah! I HATE those!😩 I used to play chess, but I don’t anymore, so I don’t think I can really offer any skills. If I were to start up again, I’m pretty sure I’d be scratching my head at the whole thing. I’m not much of an artist either, soooo, heh 😃, not much going on there or on the writing side. I’m glad to hear your settling nicely in your new home!

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    1. Thanks, Renee! ❤ Hehe, well, I've really avoided watercolor paints for a long time because I used to try them and they turned out AWFUL. *dies*

      Aww! Fun! Birthdays are fun. How do you celebrate?

      Well, I haven't seen a ton of your art, but I enjoyed what I saw for the contest! ❤


      1. 😄 ❤ For birthdays, we celebrate with cake and afterward, give out cards and gifts. Before we start eating, we usually pray for blessings on the one having the birthday, and while we eat the cake, we’re usually talking about memories from when the person was born, or memories having to do with the person.
        Yeah, the art for the contest was from the part of my brain that had to kick into high gear to try to come up with something good. 😂 Normally, that’s not my expertise, and when I do draw, I usually like to use colored pencils vs. crayons or paints. For me, at least, it gives more of a crisp look.

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        1. Aww, cool! That’s pretty similar to how we celebrate! Birthdays are sooo fun! What’s your favorite type of cake? 😛
          I’m really glad that you were able to participate! *grins* ❤


          1. Neat! Oh my! That’s a tough question (pst! I’m not that great at picking out favorites! 😂) My mom prepares the cakes, and the birthday person will get to choose what cake they want, so we have many different kinds! But I think one of my favorites is the pumpkin cake that one of my sister’s usually chooses for her birthday. 😋 But they’re all SO GOOD! Except the ones with too much coconut 😖 Me and lots of coconut don’t get along to great.

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  5. These random life updates are so fun to read! 🙂 Wow, that’s amazing that you just decided to write a story and just wrote 7,000+ words! That’s quite impressive! You are totally really good at art! I recognized Cailyn and Rosy for sure! I certainly am not gifted in the “paper art” (with art mediums like paint and pencils) area and none of my art is recognizable, haha! Great job! Do you enjoy reading or do you do it as almost a practice you have to accomplish for school? How is “I Still Believe?” I’ve heard that movie is either coming out or has released! Do you enjoy running? That’s awesome you started again! I also enjoy running and go through phases where I run about 3-4 miles every other day and other times I run 1 mile every few days. Ha! Oh chess!! As I write this comment there are chess pieces in front of me… 😛 My siblings have been playing for the past three days nonstop!! 😀 Ooh, a weighted blanket! After struggling with sleep for years, I really should try one of those. It sounds like you enjoy your weighted blanket immensely! 😉 Wonderful post!

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    1. They’re fun to write! 😉
      Thanks. My goal is to write/FINISH a 50,000+ word story sometime. 🙂
      Thanks again! I looove your lettering. SO PRETTY!!!
      Yes, I looove reading! I just haven’t done a lot of it recently for one reason or another. But I’m getting back into it again and spending a ton of money on kindle books. XD I Still Believe is reeeally good! It is soooo encouraging! My sister is REALLY excited about the movie. I think it comes out sometime this month. 🙂 She’s sooo excited to see it! Do you enjoy reading?
      AH, that’s great! I love running! And I really missed it during the time that I avoided it. XD
      AH, cool! Chess is great. *heart eyes*
      Oh yes, you should. They are ammazing!!!

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  6. I used to be really good at chess when I was in junior high school! Basically I would take a long time to make my move by examining every move that that I could make and every counter move that they might make and any moves that they might be planning that I needed to know about. And I would cover my eyes with my hands just enough so my opponent (all of them were boys!) wouldn’t be able to see where I was looking on the board.
    My sister got my daughter a weighted blanket for Christmas this year, and she loves it! I’m glad for you both to have received such a wonderful gift! 😊

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  7. Hey, Hattush!
    I wanted to inquire about the weighted blanket you’ve been raving about! I’m familiar with them, though don’t know much about them, but it sounds like a must-get for sure!! I’d love to know which particular kind you have, like the brand and all that good stuff, if you don’t mind sharing!

    Look forward to hearing back.

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    1. Hey! Weighted blankets are AMAZING.
      My grandma bought me mine last November. She got me a Sleep Philosophy brand.
      They are pretty expensive, but I’d recommend saving up for them. They are so relaxing and comforting. They have a similar feeling to a giant hug. 😉 😛 One downside is that they can be kind of hot and stuffy when it isn’t a cooler temperature.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. 🙂


      1. Sounds great! Thanks for the link. I’ll have to check this brand out. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to let you know if I have further questions! Thanks!

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