Sibling Sayings 2.0

HELLO PEOPLE! A while back, I did a post about funny/weird things that my siblings had said. Well, guess what? I’m back again with more! 🙂 😉

A friend, talking to Yoveil: Are you a baby?

Yoveil: I’m a human, but I like to call myself a baby. But I’m a human.

Baruch wanted Mama to find a YouTube how-to video on traps. Mama stared at the search results.

M: there’s one for a snake. But we don’t have a snake.

M: there’s one for a fish. But we don’t have fish.

M: there’s one of a toddler. But I don’t have that much wood.

I was walking around with Yoveil, trying to get her off to sleep, and we were chatting…

Me: am I your servant? You’re my master and you tell me everything to do?

Baby liked that idea. But she got the words “master” and “servant” mixed up. For the next few hours….

Yoveil: Hada, I’m your servant, so you have to do what I tell you!


Yoveil: *sighs* Hada, I’m not very strong.

Me: Yes, you are.

Yoveil: No, I’m not. I can’t hold anything.

Me: Yes, you can. See, you’re holding my finger right now!

Yoveil: *getting excited* Hada! I need to eat a lot of vegetables so that I can get really strong!

Me: Yup.

Yoveil: If I eat a ton of different vegetables then I’ll get really strong! But not lettuce. I don’t like lettuce. But broccoli! I have to eat a lot of broccoli so that I can get really big!

Nahum was trying to clean up and get Yoveil to stop messing up his work.

Nahum: Baby, if you have to make a mess, make a mess in ONE place!

Yoveil, indignantly: Okay, fine. I’ll just make a mess in one place.

Nahum: Baruch! Take the cards off of your stinky little head!

Baruch: hmph. No! I’ll keep  the cards on my stinky little head!

Yoveil came in with a piece of paper with her drawing on it. She read it to me, “Hada, it says, ‘This goes under your computer. I love you so much, Hada! I love you so much!’” Then she added, “It’s your love note, Hada! I gave it to you so that I can love you forever!”


Yoveil: my throat hurts. I think I need a cough drop.

Mama:  no, you can’t have one. You’ll choke.

Yoveil: my throat will hurt all night if you don’t give me one! So you need to give me one!

M: are you threatening me?

Yoveil: Yes. My throat will  hurt forever if I don’t get a cough drop now.

Y: can I have some hot coco, Hada?

H: it’s bed time, Baby.

Y: but you did it last time when it was bed time!

Yoveil does the cutest smile and “puppy dog eyes”

H: you’re so cute, and so logical, Baby.

Y: so will you do it?

H: nope.

Y: ah no!

Nahum: BARUCH! Can you go ask Jehosheba if she can hold Dovid?!

Baruch: no.

Nahum: I’ll give you my gloves if you do! (aka balloons)

Baruch: okay.

Baruch went and asked Jehosheba and then returned a few minutes later.

Baruch: she said no.

Nahum: *wails*

Baruch: I’ll go take your gloves now.

Baruch walked off happily and then came back a couple seconds later.

Baruch: since I’m so gracious, I’ll let you keep your gloves.

N: so what kind of rebellion should we do?

H: I dunno.

N: we could go on strike!

H: yeah, that’d be good. What would we go on strike from?

N: School! *pause* Actually, no. I need my education.

Yoveil: I love cleaning – FORVER! I want to clean every day! And help Mommy clean!


41 thoughts on “Sibling Sayings 2.0

  1. Ha ha! This was HILARIOUS! Unfortunately, my family says stuff like this all the time. I would never be able to write them all down fast enough before another one was said. (laughs) Thanks for sharing, Hattush! Ah, I love this!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha ha . . . well . . . let’s see . . . one time we were watching this YouTube video, and in the video the orchestra threw their trumpets and stuff into the air, caught them, and started playing again. So it’s been a constant joke that they were (ahem) “throwing up their trombones.” Ha ha . . . there’s a bunch more though.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This was really funny! 😂 Little children can say the funniest things sometimes. I wish I still had little siblings. The youngest is already 11! Getting a bit old for doting! But I still do it often. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I know! But think of it this way, if we get older and they don’t, then we get to finish school, get married, and move out, and they’re still really little, and… well, it probably wouldn’t work too well in the long run. 🤣 It might be a bit selfish of us to want to keep them babies. 😁

            Liked by 1 person

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