Week Four – Final Art Prompt

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK, PEOPLE! Wow!!! I am so excited!!!!!! You all have done SUCH AN AMAZING JOB and your art has been, like, wow. I am just shaking my head, amazed that there are so many good artists out there!

Anyway, you are all anxious to hear the last prompt! It is……..*decides not to make you wait this time* what-ever-you-want. *grins* We decided that this last week, we will let your imaginations roam! Draw/paint/freehand whatever you are best at, whatever you love, whatever you feel inspired to do! Cailyn and I cannot wait to see what you come up with!!!

You have one week to finish/send in your art! You must have them sent in by February 20th. This week, please email pictures of your artwork to reschlyfamily@gmail.com.

Cailyn and I will co-judge and then colab post to declare the first and second place winners!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED, PEOPLE!! YAAAY!

Here are the points from this past week:

Amie: 52

Rosy: 52

Trish: 51

Lily: 51

Averey: 46

Renee: 45

Taylor: 41

Megan: 40

Tina: 37

Annie: 35

Kaley: 33

Great job, everyone!


Okay, this is Cailyn adding my two cents worth to this final prompt. πŸ˜‰

Guys, let me just say, I am so thankful for your guys’ participation. It means SO much to Hattush and I. Seeing as this is our very first contest, you all have been very sweet with us when we have messed up or gotten confused. Thank you for that!

So, after talking back and forth about what the next prompt should be, I suggested that we let y’all’s imagination and creativity run as far and wide as you all can go, instead of restricting you all by a specific prompt. Hattush loved the idea, so here we are! I seriously cannot wait to see what we get for this week! Every one of you all has worked so hard and so well on this, and I cannot wait to see the entries for this week! Let your imagination, skill, and creativity run wild!

WE ARE SO EXCITED GUYS!!!!!! Go for it!!




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