Art Contest Results: Week Two

Hey all! Week two art results are in! I’ve gotta day, I had SUCH A HARD TIME JUDGING! I was up past 11 last night AGONIZING over this! You all did SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!

Picture One:


Creativity: 4

Skill: 6

Total: 10

Picture Two:


I loved all the detail and the different elements in this drawing! *heart eyes* I just feel peaceful looking at it!

Creativity: 5

Skill: 4

Total: 9

Picture three:


I really like the creativity of this drawing and the detail is so great! It gives a whole new angle to the word PEACE.

Creativity: 8

Skill: 6

Total: 14

Picture four:


*is struck speechless* WHOA. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I mean, whoa. I am so impressed by this!!

Creativity: 9

Skill: 10

Total: 19

Picture five:


I love the sunset! The colors are so pretty!!

Creativity: 4

Skill: 4

Total: 8

Picture six:


The writing here is BEAUTIFUL! And the flowers are darling!

Creativity: 4

Skill: 5

Total: 9

Picture seven:

*is struck speechless again* This is amazing painting! I look at it and just feel so….happy and like everything in my world is right.

Creativity: 6

Skill: 9

Total: 15

Picture eight:


I love all of the detail that was put into the sky!

Creativity: 5

Skill: 6

Total: 11

Picture nine:


I love all of the combined elements of this drawing!

Creativity: 5

Skill: 3

Total: 8

Picture ten:


The shading and the detail on this drawing are AMAZING!!!!!!!

Creativity: 7

Skill: 8

Total: 15

Picture eleven:


This is a really cute image! I love how tiny it is! (Yes, I am obsessed with tiny things. XD)

Creativity: 3

Skill: 4

Total: 7

Phew! Wow! Cailyn will be posting the next prompt soon! This time, please email your drawings to

Here are the total points for everyone:

Amie: 39

Rosy: 39

Trish: 38

Lily: 38

Renee: 33

Averey: 32

Taylor: 30

Megan: 28

Annie: 25

Kaley: 21

Tina: 19

Have a great day! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜


59 thoughts on “Art Contest Results: Week Two

    1. You mean the one with the dock and pink branches hanging down? That was lovely! Whoever did that has a lot of skill. 😍 Thumbs up to that person!

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  1. Hey, Hattush! I have couple things. In the post for this prompt, you said that we’d get 5 points for participating automatically….was I misunderstanding?…or… ’cause I didn’t see those added anywhere. Also, in a couple of the pictures (picture three and picture eleven), the total points aren’t correct. Are there extra points added on that aren’t said or… Just wondering if those were mistakes or not. Thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AH! So sorry, Renee! Thanks for pointing those things out! Yes, in the last prompt I said that everyone would get 5 points for participating, but later realized that we’d already added the participation points on the first week, if that makes sense. SORRY for the confusion!
      I will go back and correct the total points! They were a mistake! I was typing it out on a phone screen, so my fingers probably just hit the wrong numbers. :/ THANK YOU AGAIN FOR POINTING THOSE THINGS OUT!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, do you think maybe when you get the names of who did what, you could add the points up and add them to this post, so that we can see all of everyones points together? If not, that’s fine! πŸ˜‰ ❀

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