Conversing With Kombucha

For the last little while, I have enjoyed posting conversations with different foods and drinks! Today I am here to talk to another widely loved drink, Miss Kombucha!   Please welcome her to the blog!

Me: Tell me a bit about yourself, Miss Kombucha.

Miss K: I am a wonderful drink made from fermented tea and sugar.

Me: Ooh sounds unhealthy. (Not that I’m against sugar….at all….In fact I love it….)

Miss K: Actually, we are very healthy. The sugar is eaten by the Scoby and when the fermentation process is over, there is very little sugar left. You get added benefits of the *ahem* Scoby waste.

Me: Delightful. *Pause* What is a “Scoby”?

Miss K: Scoby is an acronym that stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. Basically, we are what turns your tea and sugar into the wonderful drink. We sit in your jar and eat away the sugar while giving you beautiful health benefits.

Me: Are you accepted based on your taste?

Miss K: We have a very unique taste that is not loved by everyone. Think of apple cider vinegar. We can have a similar taste, especially if people leave us to ferment for too long *sends significant glance towards Hattush*

Me: Sorry….I was busy and forgot about you for like two months….

Miss K: It’s a good thing that we are also pretty resilient. Scoby’s can multiply very quickly, which means it won’t be long until you can make several batches of kombucha at once. We are easy to create and can be forgotten about for a while without severe consequences.  Most of the time.

Me: You sound pretty cool!

Miss K: I am. You can find us in a lot of stores nowadays, which is awesome. (It’s cheaper to make your own, though.)

Me: Do you have any advice for people who are looking to start their own kombucha drinks?

Miss K: Keep your jars clean. Don’t stir us with metal spoons. And as we can get nice and bubbly, don’t put us in glass jars with tight lids and leave us out on the counter. We maaaay get a lil tired of being trapped and explode.

Me: Good to know. Do you have anything else you would like to say to my readers?

Miss K: I only have one thing…GO GET SOME KOMBUCHA AND DRINK UP! You’ll fall in love with us right away.

Me: Thank you, Miss K.!

~Check out how to make your own kombucha here!

48 thoughts on “Conversing With Kombucha

      1. It’s been since about 2012. That was around the time we eliminated several things from our diet. I’ve pretty much gotten used to it, but sometimes I miss eating those things.

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            1. Wow, that is a lot of things to cut out! But that is awesome. My parents are actually thinking of cutting out dairy, sugar and gluten for a while. 😦 It won’t be fun, but we’ll probably feel better.


              1. Wow! Yes! I’m sure you will! I don’t get sick as often as I used to, praise the Lord! My dad and I went gluten free for about a week. It wasn’t thaat bad. I really like gluten free flour. Gluten free spaghetti isn’t that great from what I remember. But there is veggie spaghetti which is really good…although I’m not sure if it’s gluten free…🤔 But I’m sure you’ll probably benefit from the diet. 😃

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    1. Hi Renee!
      I don’t eat sugar (and a bunch of other foods) and kombucha doesn’t bother me since the sugar is somehow consumed to feed the Scott. Just a thought!

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      1. Hi, Annie! That’s neat! It seems kinda rare to find someone who doesn’t eat sugar like us…although I’m sure it’s more common than I realize! 😄 Oohh! Thanks for the feedback!😉

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        1. Lolol! You’re a great comedian! 😂 Yeah, I make my own kombucha, sometimes, and I don’t keep up with it like I should either. Then by the time I get around to making the next batch, it’s more sour than it should be, but I drink it anyway because it’s so good for you!
          Thanks for this reminder to make a couple more batches and keep up with it better! 😁

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      Really?! That’s so great!!!! I want to make my own again sometime. With our move, my Scoby kind of didn’t fair too well. 😭 so it had to go. 😢
      How do you make yours?

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        1. If you get it fresher, it doesn’t have such a pungent taste.
          Lol, yeah, we have a bunch of apple cider vinegar. Let me say, do not drink it straight. SOMEONE I might happen to know did that and burned her throat. *ahem*

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